Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Transhumanism and Vaccines

    Transhumanism, much like vaccine enthusiasm, is largely the domain of unimpressive people with unimpressive lives which are barely worth living in their current state, let alone an extended state. There is some form of neuroticism which seems to come with a boring, unimpressive life which insists it extend its existence past the natural confines of time and space which are allotted to it. This is humorous, as you would expect the people with extraordinary lives to be the ones wishing to extend these extraordinary lives and not the people with subpar, mediocre lives -- but reality seems once again to be inverted.

            There is a certain value to sleep and nonexistence that can only be realized by those who have been really awake and really existed, and this value is not appreciated by those who have not. People who have experienced extreme highs and lows know that both are fleeting and equally transient, and know that neither is permanent, just like life. There is an appreciation for living, but also an appreciation for dying, that comes with real experience. We live in an age where the edges to each corner have been rounded out as best possible, so we live in an age where most people do not really live to experience the extremes of life and are thus robbed of the understanding that it is OK to die.

            I have experienced euphoria and dread, ecstasy and despair, and appreciated these things in their undiluted form, so I do not really have the desire to live forever. I know I will die someday, and I know I will also be reborn someday, and that this process will repeat itself ad infinitum for eternity, and so the neurotic fear of “missing out” is lacking from my conception of reality. This is not the case with the people who spend all of their life, and will spend all of their lives, searching for a way not to die in hopes that they will someday get to really live. It is its own form of irony, but the people who seek to live forever are always the people who never even been alive.

            This same sort of neuroticism regarding Transhumanism is highly visible with those obsessed with getting the vaccine for covid. Even if covid was a death sentence, which it’s not, the mental illness associated with those desperate to get the vaccine for it is amazing to behold, as it seems to afflict the ugly and deformed who do not enjoy life at all. Those who are most likely to be scheming to get their medicine are most likely to be working menial jobs, losing at life, and going nowhere fast. They are desperate to protect themselves from an invisible virus that, were they to get it and were it something which would kill them, would not rob them of any sort of meaningful or enjoyable existence at all. I have far more to lose than anybody getting the covid vaccine, and yet I am the one at peace while they are the ones who seem to be anxious hypochondriacs, afraid to go outside or travel without getting their medicine. Life is funny like that.

            At the end of the day, maturity or wisdom is being able to appreciate things as they are and while they are, and not to cling onto them like some undeveloped and fearful child. Things come and go, and life and health are things. We should enjoy things while we have them, not hold onto them with a death grip; incapable of appreciating the moment we have these things because we are too busy fantasizing about when these things will leave us. One day I will die, as will all the people who get the vaccine and all the people who spend their time going to transhumanist conferences and taking supplements to live into their eighties instead of seventies. When I die, I will be fine with dying. When the vaccine takers and transhumanists die, they will die in terror and regret.