Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Against Moldbug’s Cathedral

             Curtis Yarvin, who went by the name of Moldbug when writing his blog Unqualified Reservations, is the main proponent of a concept called the “cathedral”, which is essentially nerd-speak for the institutions that define and control reality in the first world. It is Moldbug’s idea that this cathedral of sorts is what dominates life, and this idea is completely incorrect.

            Firstly, when speaking of the cathedral, it must be mentioned that it is not a cathedral but rather a synagogue. You cannot throw a stone in the so-called cathedral without hitting a jewish person or a person backed by jewish people. Of course, Yarvin is incapable of being honest about this, because he is jewish and also not very smart, so the obvious facts that jewish interests such as international finance and credentialism in order to access levers of power dominate the cathedral, that jewish ideas such as critical race theory and Marxist thought which have roots in jewish intellectuals are the only ideas allowed to operate unimpeded, are never honestly or clearly addressed. A cathedral imagines traditional western behavior and thought, but what is going on is not traditional western behavior or thought, it is a Judaic “othering” of a vast majority of the population, the vision of the general public being cattle to extract resources from and lied to. The cathedral is not a cathedral, it is a synagogue.

            Lest this essay be discounted as being anti-Semitic or hateful in some manner, let me be clear that I do not particularly care about being discounted for that reason because I write what is true, also that what I write is not from the perspective that the synagogue needs to be destroyed or that it is inferior to the cathedral, the synagogue and the jewish mentality that underwrites most if not all of institutional power at this point is not inherently bad or evil, it just is what it is, and what it is is degradative to the majority while enriching a small minority. If you think that this is a call for violence or insulting towards jewish thought or perspective, you are projecting your slave morality and humanistic need for equality and fairness on me. This essay is not prescriptive or judgmental, it is analytical in nature and honest to a degree in which those who are always looking for prescriptions will find offensive.

            Where Yarvin is right about the synagogue is that there is a very real and defined power structure that exists, but because he is quite stupid he misses the forest for the trees. I have written before that humans are just dancing corpses, that we are all playing a game where if we move in a certain rhythm we are rewarded materially, if we move in a different rhythm we are punished materially, and it doesn’t really immediately matter the reason by which we are moving in a certain rhythm. There is a rhythm to life, there are strategies that work and strategies that don’t work, and what the synagogue is tapping into, what the functional power structures are tapping into, is that life is fundamentally about resource flows and positioning yourself to benefit from these flows, not creating the resource flows out of nothing.

            One of the many areas that Yarvin is wrong in, and there are very many,  is that the synagogue functions not because of any top-down human will or planning, but because resource flows have set them up to function. Something that must be understood about resource flows is that these are redistributing resources and molding the topography of the physical as well as the psychic. In the context of the physical, what this means is that nodes like cities where intellectuals sprang forth from were essentially formed by resource flows. Trade routes and ports were formed to exchange goods more efficiently, capital piled up in those areas, people piled up where the capital was, information and networking was most available in those areas, and everything flowed from that. The synagogue functions based on infrastructure built up from resource flows, resource flows were not defined by the synagogue.

            Now, with that understanding, we move on to the meat of this essay which is why the synagogue is a real structure, why Judaic and jewish mentality of the “master race” exploiting the other is dominant in the current paradigm. Once again, we move back to resource flows to understand. In the past, when information and capital had an umbilical cord which tied it to the physical economy and physical geography, there were localized rewards and penalties for pro-social and anti-social behavior. You knew your customers and your customers knew you, so if you were selling poison you would be punished and get a bad localized reputation. If you were stealing money, you were stealing money from your friends and neighbors and would eventually suffer the consequences for that. Now, resources and information are abstracted and the aforementioned umbilical cord has been severed. I can scam somebody in China or India and get rich and nobody in my local community will suffer or punish me for doing so. I can promote community destroying ideas on the other side of the world and nobody in my community is harmed, so I can profit off of that. With the psychic economy no longer being tied to the physical economy, predatory psychic behavior can be engaged in, in a manner in which could not have been engaged in the past. The wandering, nomadic, carnivorous and abusive mentality of the small tribe exploiting everybody else is now the most dominant and successful strategy.

            Another observation which must be made with regards to Yarvin’s incorrect understanding of the synagogue is that that synagogue is dying. It was built up and established its systems of resource abstraction in the context of the physical being dominant over the psychic, which is no longer the case. The reproduction and distribution of psychic materials such as music, books, and opinions no longer requires publishers and gatekeepers with capital, which is a large aspect of what gave the synagogue so much power in the past. This can be seen by the quality of people running the synagogue, which falls decade over decade and increasingly structurally resembles a parody of the inbred Hapsburg family, an institution that no longer has a world that has the same interface nodes or rules as the one it gained its power in. At this point, the people who are trying to become leaders of physical institutions that make up the synagogue are visibly ridiculous and stupid, because only suckers who don’t understand the natural law driving everything (like Yarvin) are trying to gain power through the synagogue.

            Once again, I must stress this essay is not really anti-Semitic or hateful in any manner. It is mostly just a funny analytical piece, a liberty I take to make fun of the dying old guard of pseudo-intellectuals like Moldbug who speak in obscurantist and dishonest manner to hide their lack of insight. I personally have jewish friends and, like Nietzsche, find the jewish knack for sticking together and extracting resources from outsiders quite impressive and admirable. With that said, it must also be said that the synagogue is dying, the psueds like Moldbug will be looked back on as laughable mediocrities with a net-negative impact on their readership, and people like me, people who actually understand what is going on in a generative sense, will make an example of all the old guard in order to enrich ourselves. By positioning myself as antagonistic towards Moldbug, I am essentially a schoolyard bully picking on a developmentally disabled kid to win the attention of other schoolyard bullies. And if Moldbug knows anything, it’s that the bullies in life are the ones who end up the bosses of the bullied, the people who are cruel and remorseless towards outsiders are the ones who are the slavemasters rather than the enslaved. So here’s to you, Moldbug, your mediocre analysis has enabled me to benefit at your expense. Your idiocy and failure to think will continue to benefit me. I don’t dislike you, I like you, you’re the failure that makes my success shine even brighter.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Extremes of Beauty and Runaway Selection Pressures

             There was a fairly popular and now mostly forgotten but oftentimes insightful and lucid poster on twitter back in the 2016 era who went by the name “menaquinone4” who once made the observation that most beautiful women seem to have dietary and other biological health issues that uglier women don’t really have at the same rates. It was an offhanded comment by him, but it stuck with me because I have noticed it to be quite true over time. While m4’s observation was never further extrapolated on, this essay will attempt to, and most likely successfully succeed at, making some observations at the underlying mechanics at play with regards to this.

            Essentially, there is a mechanism of capture that exists for all life forms which basically goes as follows: As soon as an organism has easily definable traits and clearly visible definitions, either in behavior or appearance, the external to that organism will essentially behave in a manner that focuses on that definition and interfaces/puts value in/extracts value from that definition. The organism’s defined traits are captured and then instrumentalized by the external in a manner in which can begin to be detrimental.

            This process of capture to the detriment of the organism can be easily demonstrated in the context of most pretty female’s personalities. Because a pretty female gets preferential treatment and is not punished for misbehavior, and gets opportunities solely due to their outward looks rather than their personality or positive internal character traits, it is quite common for most pretty females to have quite abysmal personalities. There is a lack of selection pressure that non-pretty females and most men have to go through in their formative years which is detrimental for the pretty female. The pretty female has been “captured” by the external valuing her prettiness and been, by extension, harmed internally by her defining traits.

            A personal example of a runaway selection trait that I have had to work hard and consciously to not be captured by is my own cleverness and social skills. As I am vastly more clever and charming than the average male, and am fairly good looking, I am quite able to get away with poor habits and poor behaviors that would punish me in the long term. If I were not conscious of this fact, as I used to not be when I was younger, it would be very easy for me to lean on these attributes and not develop a rich internal life or proper creative habits. I could exploit my charm and cleverness for the purposes of material wealth, social status, and female attention, and while that would work in the short term, I would not be developing actual skills and talents which are more beneficial in the long term and essentially be “captured” by my externally definable traits, to my objective detriment.

            Back to m4’s observation, which is that pretty and beautiful girls have disproportionate rates of psychological and physical disorders as compared to females as a whole, what is essentially going on are runaway selection pressures wreaking havoc on a generational basis. Pretty girls are not all stupid and they do not all have bad habits and bad personalities, some are wonderful people, but the ones who are stupid and do have bad habits and bad personalities are not punished in the same manner that ugly or average girls who are stupid and have bad habits and bad personalities are punished. The pretty girls who are rotten inside still have their physical beauty, and their physical beauty is still attractive to men and allows them to marry and breed.  

This fact that beautiful but inwardly compromised women are quite able to find a mate is not a surprise to anybody, but there is more nuance to this observation than most people will realize. Another obvious observation is that materially successful men are the men most likely to marry a beautiful woman, but what is not obvious is that there are different types of men who are materially wealthy. There is wealth that is honestly earned through hard work and wisdom, and there is wealth that is earned through dishonorable behavior. Wealth in magnitude is not the defining characteristic of wealth, but rather the nature in which the magnitude is acquired is the defining characteristic of wealth, and this defining characteristic furthermore pertains to the inward character of men with wealth.

An aspect to this essay’s point which at first seems like an aside but must be explained as it is quite important to the selection pressures at play is the natural sorting mechanisms which apply to human social groups. Generally speaking, like is surrounded with gradients of like, or the same. Lawyers know lawyers, bankers know bankers, blue collar workers are friends with blue collar workers, middle class people have largely middle class friends, white people know white people, brown people know brown people, and so on and so forth.

This apparent digression becomes related to the topic at hand when you apply it in the following manner: Men who make their wealth in a wise and judicious manner rather than through luck or dishonorable means have potential access to lots of beautiful women, but through this sorting mechanism will be generally involved with only the beautiful women who have a rich and wholesome inner life and pleasant personality. The men who have wealth through dishonorable means such as nepotism or corruption will also have access to beautiful women, but because these men have not gained power and influence through internal work, they do not have the wisdom to really value that which is most important in a woman, her personality and internal characteristics which will get passed down generationally along with her visible beauty.

Furthermore, because it is much easier to gain wealth and thus access to beautiful women through dishonorable means rather than hard work and good character, there is a natural disproportionate rate of pairing of dishonorable men with beautiful women. This is an internally negative selection pressure which causes neurotic men of poor character with poor judgment to breed disproportionately with beautiful women who are likewise neurologically and physically malfunctioning in some hidden fashion.

Another selection pressure which must be mentioned with regards to wealth and m4’s observation is that those with wealth can mitigate and suppress the negative externalities of poor behaviors in ways that those without wealth cannot. Mental issues can be hidden through medication, so can allergies or biological issues.  The poor and those without wealth cannot afford to use material wealth to make visible problems temporarily invisible, so those who are poor who suffer from the same psychological and physical maladies are more likely to fail out and fail to reproduce than those with wealth.

Back to the topic of capture and instrumentalization, m4’s observation is essentially just that without realizing it. At some point, women who are physically attractive and thus biologically appealing become “captured” by externally powerful but unwise and undisciplined men, then they breed children, some of which grow up to be equally if not even more attractive women, who have poor internal traits and biological issues. Through beauty becoming a defining trait, beauty becomes a liability because it forms a crutch in which maladaptation in other respects is not subject to selection pressures. The beauty, without proper consciousness, outgrows other aspects of personal development, like some form of egregore or golem which attacks its master once it takes on a definable life of its own.

This speaks towards the general importance of ratios and proper balance in everything. There is a conscious effort that those with conspicuously positive traits much constantly be engaged in to ensure that they are not captured and summarily enslaved by those traits, lest they end up like so many of the beautiful things in this world with rotten cores. Ratios and measure and restraint must be maintained if those with abnormal talents and gifts wish to remain free and ultimately preserve those gifts, because eventually psychological and biological problems catch up to any genetic line with physical beauty but not the conscious wisdom to control and balance it.

In the context of beauty and sorting mechanisms which lead to selection pressures, there is most likely a range of beauty (or lack thereof) which is proper to be in, most likely the middle 70 or 80% in the of the whole range of appearance, from the most ugly to most beautiful people in existence. Anything outside of that represents extreme ugliness or extreme beauty, and when you are either extremely ugly or extremely beautiful, sorting mechanisms will essentially ensure you end up in circles of those who are the lowest of criminals/dysgenics or those who get by and make money solely on their physical appearance rather than any admirable or valuable internal characteristics. Once you fall outside of the 70-80% middling range of appearance, selection pressures begin to be runaway selection pressures because you are sorted into extremes of outcome which almost invariably assures mating with maladaptive creatures and thus passing down improper traits, either cognitive or physical in nature, to your progeny.

This essay, like nearly all other essays I have written, is not only applicable to physical appearance or beauty. You can observe runaway selection pressures in things like companies, creative works, and topics of discussion. Once any organism of a sort is obviously excellent in some manner, it runs the risk of being captured and dominated by this excellence and the organism suffering long-term as a result. Once again, this is why ratios and balance and not indulging in the benefits of abnormalities to the detriment of the whole is so important and must constantly be considered and fought against in a conscious manner. Positive traits like beauty are obviously admirable and worth valuing, but they are time-lagged symptoms of underlying fundamentals and not in and of themselves what is good, they simply speak to and point to something that was (and might still be) very good. The beautiful flower is the result of good soil and a good seed placed in the soil and time. If a flower is so beautiful that it is noticed by a child and picked by the child and removed from its soil (runaway selection pressure), it is removed from its source of beauty. Then, it is only a matter of time until the flower wilts and dies and is no longer a beautiful flower.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bad Ideas

             There is no doubt that we are in a tumultuous era of sorts, especially in the west. Things are going wrong, breaking, and generally not behaving in the manner in which our parents and grandparents had them behave, let alone how our parents and grandparents raised us to expect and what they promised us. Ever since 9/11, America and the rest of the western world has seemed to be in a sort of “bad dream”, a low level nightmare that never ends and instead keeps getting worse. Prior to 9/11 was a sort of delusional complacency and happiness and expectation for perpetual growth and prosperity combined with sincere patriotism. That is no longer the case, and it is very hard to find any real patriots in any western countries anymore.

            In this time of upheaval and confusion, it is clear that something is wrong. Something is going on which is BAD, that is causing all the inter-class and inter-gender and inter-faith and inter-race strife. It is only those who are coddled and have trustfunds or jobs that aren’t market facing at all (government workers or government contractors), as well as those who are genuinely mentally disabled who are not aware of this on a fundamental level.

It is not hard, it is not smart, it is not deep to look around you at this point and see that everything is coming apart at the seams, that everything visible and established is decaying. And yet, because things are so fundamentally off and bizarre in the modern reality, there are lots of people who think that they are smart, that they are deep, that they are worth listening to simply because they can recognize the obvious symptoms of dysfunction that are everywhere around them. These people do not go past a surface level understanding that things are bad, they just know that things are bad and think that knowing things are bad is some impressive accomplishment worthy of praise.

To make matters worse, there are large audiences of people who also never do any thinking past observing symptoms of dysfunction. These people are unaccomplished, bored, boring, over-educated, white collar mediocrities with too much free time, and they latch onto people that do the same “point and moan at symptoms of dysfunction without providing any worthwhile analysis or thought” in a public manner, because these people who do this in a public manner validate the self-image that these mediocrities have of being secret kings, secret philosophers, and secretly intellectuals. The public space is essentially filled with these figures at this point, both on the left and the right. The more “academic” or “respected” these figures position themselves, the more they will have mediocrities giving them money and attention, because these mediocrities are essentially using the public figure to assuage their own ego. This is basically the same function as the function that voracious readers of philosophy and political theory engage in, as well as super fans of musicians or artists who lack any defining characteristics or talents for themselves and must find some external object that “represents them” to live vicariously through.

Because things are so obviously off in the western world, because there is so much concrete symptomatic dysfunction which can no longer be ignored, there is now a huge market for these pseudo-intellectual figures who do not really have anything of value to offer. Still, as they are pseudo-intellectual figures, they must offer something, because something must be sold in order to make a profit. What is sold is a bad idea. The bad idea varies depending on which pseudo-intellectual is involved, as different pseudo-intellectuals have different pseudo-solutions, but it is always a bad idea. Sometimes, the bad idea is political in nature, such as Curtis Yarvin’s cargo-culted stolen Anglo idea that corporations are good and the world would be much better if it was a feudal society, sometimes the bad idea is pseudo-romantic, such as the autistic Lex Friedman’s idea that “love will save us”, which doesn’t mean anything and is quite frankly just retarded and juvenile, but these pseudo-intellectuals always have some bad idea as a solution for the “problem” that everybody can sense.

The reason these bad ideas are bad ideas is that none of these bad ideas are looking below the surface at what is really occurring, which is an evolutionary bottleneck and a fundamental shift in how resources are being created, distributed, and protected. None of these pseudo-intellectuals have a basic grasp on economy or how it functions, which is understandable because the academic sense of economy is extremely poor and surface level. Because resource flows and how these resource flows organize society as a whole, what money actually is, what has fundamentally shifted over the past few decades (the psychic economy detaching from and summarily eclipsing the physical economy), and many other aspects of economy are not understood, none of the ideas that these pseudo-intellectuals have are even close to being interesting, quality, or accurate to people who have a solid grasp on economy. Of course, the general public’s grasp on economy is equally as bad if not worse than the pseudo-intellectuals such as Curtis Yarvin or Lex Friedman, so the general public does not have the perspective needed to realize that Curtis Yarvin and Lex Friedman have no idea what they’re talking about.

In times like these, times where there are obvious problems and systems are failing (because they were built for and in a context in which the physical economy was dominant over the psychic economy), bad ideas become attractive to the general public, because conscious inaction and Taoist thought are not the natural mode of behavior for 99% of people. For most people, society decaying and “traditional” modes of life being destroyed is unnatural, and so any idea that says it can prevent this (which is a bad idea or else it would not promise something which goes against resource flows) or preserve that which has outlived its natural lifecycle is an idea that seems like a good idea. Of course, these sorts of ideas are bad ideas, because they are not in line with how reality functions and give a warped picture of reality which is detrimental to personal perspective.

The fact of the matter is that what is happening now is not wrong, it is not off, it is not unnatural. What is happening now is that physical institutions -- communities that only formed due to the need of protecting and sharing physical resources that have now been abstracted -- are dying because they have become unneeded. The decay and chaos you see around you, the unrest and unhappiness that seems to fill the air, are essentially just animals that are caught in a trap and struggling to get out. These animals that can’t get out, can’t get out because they don’t understand what is going on. There is confusion and distraught concern everywhere you look because there is a lack of understanding regarding the fundamental mechanics which have built up and torn down societies and civilizations on a local and global scale since the beginning of time.

Until there is a conception of economy which is not just “GDP” and trade and Anglo in nature, until humans can internalize the reality of resource acquisition, protection, and distribution being the fundamental driver for how groups are formed, where these groups are located, and the infrastructure these groups build and take care of, the most well-known and most “influential” pseudo-intellectuals will continue to be pushing bad ideas on the general public. The general public will latch onto these bad ideas, they will waste their time, and they will harm themselves in the process due to operating on faulty base level assumptions on how reality functions. I do not really have any delusions about the general public figuring this out, nor do I particularly lose any sleep about the general public not figuring this out, because as stated earlier, we are in an evolutionary bottleneck of sorts. Most people, and all of the pseudo-intellectuals, don't make it out of the bottleneck alive.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

January 6th

         January 6th, 2021 will be a day that will go down in the history books. It will be lied about, it already is, and portrayed as chaos and destruction by Trump supporters contesting the results of the 2020 election. The truth of the matter was that there were Trump supporters who contested the results of the 2020 election, and there was a bit of unruliness that I do not endorse as I don’t think mass street action is feasible or wise for anybody. With that said, what was done was not immoral or cruel, no Trump supporters killed or seriously destroyed anything besides a few windows in the capital, and it remains to be seen if that destruction was actually by Trump supporters. For the purposes of this essay I will pretend that every single violent or illegal act (outside of the police killing one unarmed woman) was initiated and perpetrated by a Trump supporter willfully, because speculation otherwise (even if it is correct) is not useful for the purposes of this essay and I do not particularly care either way as I do not endorse or condemn this sort of illegal behavior, just think it’s generally stupid and not going to achieve anything positive long term for those who engage in it.

            Firstly, what happened on January 6th is exactly why I opened my third book, It Is The Sequence telling young people not to think they’re going to change the world or try to be a martyr. At that time, and even moreso now, I do not think there is any feasible revolution or explicit power struggle that genuinely good people can win long term. That is not a defeatist stance, but rather a stance where you do things which benefit you and wash your hands of the sick and unwinnable games that are being shoved in your face by those around you. The informational blindspots and psychic separation that once existed are now gone, everything is interconnected and linked globally, the real revolution (globalism winning over nationalism) happened quite a while ago and it’s already over, and the “good guys” didn’t win.

            What people have to understand is that the higher you go in established power structures, the less honor and less empathy you need to have for anybody outside of yourself. The people in Washington D.C., the people “running” whatever country you live in, these people are not good people. They are not really people at all -- they are conduits for multinational corporations and inhuman forces. The last part of that sentence is a bit bizarre sounding, but it is true. There are forces and motivations that are not fundamentally human that are involved with power and those that indulge them and engage with do tend to collect material positions and influence over those far more innocent than they are. People who read this may not believe it, and that is fine, I don’t really care.

            The election still isn’t over until Biden is sworn in, which in two weeks. I do not think Trump is going to end up doing anything to prevent this from happening, but I do not know for sure and there is always a possibility of some black swan event or information being released which radically changes the outcome from Biden becoming president. With that said, I do not really think the outcome matters, a new era is being ushered in and will be ushered in very soon. Whether it is in 2021 or 2025 is functionally irrelevant.

            A noteworthy but completely unsurprising (to anybody with a modicum of awareness/intelligence) contrast to mention is how this fairly harmless protest (outside of the consequences which will be severe for its participants as well as the general narrative going forward) is being treated and the riots/general unrest that has been allowed to grow and even fomented by politicians/multinational corporations is stark. Whereas this event was pretty much over in less than half a day, entire sections of cities have been burnt down for weeks and their local economies destroyed for years if not forever. As stated, this “logical inconsistency” is not surprising, but expected. This pro-Trump demonstration is against the dominant forces shaping our countries, the riots, looting, and protesting are beneficial because they weaken community bonds and destroy small businesses and help propagate fear between common people.

Also, and this can not be understated, the riots and looting from “racial grievances” do not put any rich or powerful people at risk, while people showing up at the capital and being around senators and congressmen makes people with power uncomfortable because there is a potential for personal harm.

As stated in another essay in It Is The Sequence as well as my 2020 book of essays, public demonstrations are not what changes history in any matter, they are a reflection of underlying forces which are changing in a rapid manner. The demonstrations which are in line with how forces are changing are allowed to grow while still being praised and then later written into the history books in a positive manner. This is the end of slavery, the promotion of “gay rights”, and many other “movements” which were really just enabled by technological advancements making resource acquisition and distributions easier among other effects which are beyond the scope of this essay.

Because this pro-Trump demonstration was not in line with changing forces which direct and guide humanity and life itself, this pro-Trump demonstration will be demonized and completely mistold in history books. Like I stated, I didn’t go to it and do not think there was any good outcome from it, but I know that it is not some violent revolution or attempt at a coup, none of the demonstrators had weapons and the vast majority did not even break any laws. It has not even been 24 hours and a multitude of dishonest politicians and media figures have made it out to be something out of a horror movie, and the various general public forums and social media sites I visit all believe this to be the case already.

The book will be thrown at anybody who broke the law, and harsh punishments will result even for some who didn’t break the law. Payment processors and websites will take this moment in history to crack down on people they dislike and consolidate more of their already almost completely dominant power. This is not a complaint on my part, I do not wish to raise awareness about what is going to happen in order to try to prevent it to happen, this is simply a “prediction” based on analysis and basic common sense.

What all the well-meaning and understandably frustrated people who went to the demonstration do not realize is that they are not doing anything which will benefit themselves long term. It feels good to show up and express displeasure, and lots of people feel a need for release so I do not fault them (much like I did not and do not fault black or minority rioters or looters even though their behavior is explicitly anti-social and most people who like me vehemently disagree with my stance), but it won’t do any good and is just going to cause them more suffering.

The only way to win at this point is not through revolution or social display, those roads are permanently closed. Your children or grandchildren will not have a good life through going on marches, going to the capital and breaking in, cutting down powerlines, or stockpiling weapons and posting about politics on social media. Your children will have a life if you realize that the institutions you seek to save are not able to be saved. In the past, they might have been honorable and truly served the common man, even though I do not believe this to be the case, the institutions you seek to save are not built or structured to ever be healthy in the reality we now exist in. These institutions around you, the politicians that make you promises, the leaders that give you hope of a utopia, these are all rotting corpses. That is why there are no inspirational or even seemingly competent politicians anymore, because you must be so corrupt, stupid, or willing to lie to innocent people that nothing good can be a politician of any note.

Your children and grandchildren (and you) will have a good life if you can detach your understandable emotions and frustrations from the system and start building your own structures and ecosystems that are healthy and honorable. The disgusting things you see around you have power now, and most likely they will grow in power for many more decades and even centuries, but disgusting things are not sustainable and eventually are destroyed. Their mechanism of destruction, the way evil loses, these are not from external sources (although external sources are often involved in their destruction), these are from the fundamental lies or dishonest taboos which form within them and eventually create instability or rot that collapses the whole thing.

As I did in It Is The Sequence, I will once again make an honest and direct plea for those reading to lose their savior complex, to stop romanticizing being a martyr, to refuse to devote their energy or pins their hopes to a system that does not care about them, will not help them, and only steals from them. This plea I am reiterating is now a bit more urgent, as I can see that social control mechanisms are becoming increasingly claustrophobic and any panic or distress is becoming increasingly penalized. The way to win is to be productive, disciplined, studious, and not to compromise your honor. It is to live among but not entangle yourself with the sickly and demented around you. In order not just to thrive, but to survive, you must keep your cortisol levels low, learn to breathe, and move like a fox moves.

There will always people who are not warned as I am warning the reader, or people who are warned and disagree or ignore the warning, and these people I do not look down on or malign. These people will be martyrs and sacrifices that speed up processes. These people are acting foolishly and unwise, much like the people who broke into the capital on January 6th, 2021 were acting foolishly and unwise, but these people generally have their heart in the right place, and that is something to value in and of itself. I don’t mock these people because I understand where they’re coming from, whether they’re on the left or the right, and most of them are too young to know any better. It is much better to be overly passionate and foolhardy than to be born dead inside, cynical, and seeing no reason to do anything that is hard or dangerous.

Ultimately, this event that has happened and the contrast between how it is and will be covered can be mined for lots of important and valuable info. The way this will be written about in history books and used to pass legislation as well as adjust social norms should give everybody paying attention reason to consider if past “historical events” are accurately portrayed. This, however, is a topic for another essay that I’m sure will get me in trouble. I do not really care, as I tell the truth and no matter how I am mistreated or lied about now or in the future is a very cheap price to pay. I have a clear conscience and sleep very well at night, something that very few people can currently say and even fewer people will be able to say in the future. Now it is time for me to sleep.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Morphing Strategies

     There is a sort of paradoxical effect that must be noted with regards to “figuring things out” in any endeavor or field as well as life itself. This paradoxical effect is that as the amount of people who know how to do something properly increases, the utilization of this knowledge becomes less effective or must be further abstracted and refined in order it to retain its effectiveness.

            For example, if I know that a geographic region is going to have an economic boom in five years, but very few other people know, it behooves me to buy up property in that area and position myself for a large payoff before it is clear that there will be an economic boom to other people. As more and more people realize there will be an economic boom in a geographic area, then prices and competition in that area will rise in that area before the actual boom hits, which then devalues the knowledge of the coming boom because those who have the knowledge have less potential profits to be made, since the market is anticipating the change before it happens and the economic variables are adjusting prior to the change. This is not perfectly elastic or efficient, and even when the economic boom happens there will still be opportunities, but generally speaking, the variables underlying pros and cons of strategies morph as more and more people know or understand the strategy. This example was in relation to physical geography mainly for its ability to be understood, but the same mechanics are at play with regards to non-physical strategies as well as other things.

            Currently, this mechanic to morphing strategies is not really understood, and it is quite good that it not for various reasons which I will not get into, because people do not understand the deterministic nature of reality. This is a topic for another conversation, but essentially the manner in which this mechanic functions means that there is no real way for anybody to get ahead permanently, as once perfect knowledge exists or human/life’s predictability can be mapped out near perfectly, then a runaway recursive function will essentially begin as the morphing strategies get increasingly complex and convoluted until irrational actors acting in a non-self-interested manner destroy them.

            The knowledge of this morphing mechanism to strategies is why I have proceeded in my writings in the way I do. I have figured the psychic and physical economies and have spent time and probably hundreds of pages describing them and how they have changed and functioned, but I have done this in a manner which is a bit abstracted and takes a lot of effort to really grasp. I have spread out all of my claims and understanding, especially with my first three books, with tons of ridiculous and foolishness, soas to make people not take me or my writings very seriously at the moment. My ideas on the psychic compared to the physical economies, resource flows, psychic dimorphism, and more will be proven to be correct, and eventually people will see that what I wrote is correct, and I will benefit from that, but all of this is going to happen at a later point rather than immediately. This manner in which I have presented myself and shared my ideas has allowed me proof of knowing what is going on, but also shielded myself from undue or harmful attention and allowed me to suffer and labor in relative obscurity while it is best that that is how I suffer and labor.

            Once you understand morphing strategies, you can begin to make your own sorts of recursive strategies to exploit how you think strategies will morph before they morph. I have done this for myself, as partially described in the prior paragraph. Rather than use my knowledge of the psychic economy eclipsing the physical economy for short term game, I am positioning myself as an honest and open individual who will be seen as being forward thinking, as well as somebody to listen to and refer to in the future. This will be especially useful in the future when I am older and my age gives me a seniority that those who might not otherwise listen to me will understand on a physical and intuitive level. As time goes on and I slowly gain a reputation of being correct, when somebody with a larger platform eventually stumbles across my work and shares important or accurate parts with their followers, I will collect a harvest both socially and financially in an exponential manner. The seeds have been planted, and little sprouts have already begun pushing their head through the soil, but even now I continue to plant more seeds and plan on planting seeds until something more beneficial comes up. This has been a digression of sorts, but it is good to put these thoughts into writing for a later date and it also does relate to the topic of the essay, as it demonstrates that my current strategy is that of positioning myself into the role that will be most in demand in the future after the general public understands the difference between the physical and psychic economies on an intuitive level.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Missed Youth

         I have always been a loner of sorts, so I do not really mind the lockdown and social restrictions that governments have instituted under the auspices of a “global pandemic” which is not really deadly or dangerous to those who are not already on death’s door or extremely unhealthy, but I do feel bad for the high-school students and young adults as well as kids who are being harmed by those who are supposed to protect them. We have been living in a reality pushing hypochondria and social isolation to a degree which is unhealthy for over a year now, and if I had to guess this will continue for at least one to three more years. That is a substantial and unhealthy amount of time for the average person to be worried about going out to eat, hanging out with friends, or visiting old relatives, and it will have cascading psychological effects that will stack on top of each other exponentially as time goes on. I have written about the business impact of these lockdowns and this top-down paranoia, but this essay is specifically related to the social and interpersonal impact that this is having. Once again, I repeat that this is not something that really bothers me on a personal level, since I have kept to myself and done my own thing for as long as I can remember, but it does bother me when I see how it is abusing and warping people around me.

            Most people operate in a reactive manner, driven by cues and external impulses. These cues and external impulses cause them to find friends, find employment, find love, and find some semblance of routine which allows them some semblance of a happy life. We have shut off those cues and external impulses for the last year. We have made kids think wearing a face mask and staying distant from friends while constantly washing their hands and being paranoid germophobes is normal. There are millions of kids who have been afraid to visit grandma and grandpa for the last year. The carefree innocence and risk-taking that is integral to adolescence and allows for discovery and learning cause-and-effect have been robbed from these kids. These kids have been psyopped by their government, by their teachers, and worst of all, by their parents. This abuse is not ending soon, but even if it ended today, the damages are done. The friendships that would have been made but weren’t made will now never be made. The lonely boy or girl who would have found a friend or mentor who could have given them hope or care is stuck being a lonely boy or girl. Oh what a sin it is to rob a child of something they can’t get back, to abuse the responsibility of the older generation, and those with power as well as the parents who put up with this insanity have sinned greatly.

            College is the time where women can best find quality husbands. Those women who were college-aged during this pandemic have been robbed and abused. These women don’t know it yet, but soon they will be older and their options will be greatly reduced. The men their age will not be looking at them as potential wife material, they will be looking at women who are younger. A woman has four to six years where she is both legal aged and at the peak of her attractiveness, at least one year of those four to six years has been robbed from an entire generation of women. For men with a chip on their shoulder, this fact is funny, but it is really tragic and sad. Of course, the consequences of this theft will not be seen for a few years, but eventually they will be seen.

            For men, the job market was already bad, but it has been made increasingly worse. This has social impacts beyond earning power, as a man’s worth is linked to his ability to provide as well as his status in society, and all the college graduates that are graduating now are either unable to find employment because of the screwed-up locked-down economy, or getting work from home jobs that will not allow them to form solid connections or roots in a manner which is conducive for job stability or career opportunities. The work reality for men joining the workforce is that of a contract worker who will be unable to get ahead, make friendships, or form any relationships which will ensure quality work conditions long term. Young adult men are being pushed into a servant caste that has the servant status attached to it. What sort of women will be attracted to these servants? Not quality women, not attractive women, not women who are valuable, but rather low quality unattractive trashy women. Once again, this is something that is going to happen because (not entirely, but partly) of the lockdowns, and once again, this will not really be recognized or identified until a few years have passed and it is too late to change anything about it.

            Most pernicious of all the lockdown’s negative social effects is how it is driving the addiction to screens and hollow soulless scrolling as a replacement for social communion. In lieu of bars, in lieu of churches, in lieu of concerts and visits and parties, young humans have only one option to entertain themselves. Their option is a synthetic, pornographic, digital facsimile of socialization. Once again, I am not personally harmed by this as I am a master of this domain and benefit from this, but I feel sick when I think about how this is hurting normal young people. I have learned how to use this environment to my advantage while still getting fresh air and making conscious choices to exercise and see nature on a regular basis, but most young people will simply become addicted to consuming a digital version of a drug which dulls their loneliness, distracts them from their despair, and steals the time they should be spending making real friendships and finding husbands or wives in the real world. Tech companies are the future, the psychic economy is ascendant as the physical economy rots, but all of this happening in such a rapid manner that it is distasteful and will cause more dysfunction and pain and suffering than is needed. Once again, the effects of this generation becoming swallowed whole and dominated by the digital are exponential in nature and will only be understood by most in a few years, but they have already started.

            This lockdown will most likely end in the near future, not completely but enough that a poor man’s version of pre-lockdown can return, but the psychological and social effects will not end. These psychological and social effects are just beginning and will be disastrous and dysfunctional when they begin to bloom. Once again, this is all the fault of the older generations. I don’t really know if there has been a more wicked generation on earth than baby boomers. These people have screwed over their children and grandchildren financially and now they are doing it psychologically and developmentally. These people are creating monsters from their abuses, and these monsters will create even worse monsters.

            We are in the dying gasps of everything normal. As outlined in countless other essays, the psychic economy has become untethered from the physical economy and now become dominant over it. Our societies are not structured in a manner which is compatible with this change, as evidenced by how deranged boomers and their children are, how badly they have screwed over their descendants, and how completely lacking in wisdom or grace they seem to be. On a global level, it is like those tasked with running an orphanage have been getting drunk and doing drugs while teaching the children in the orphanage some dysfunctional, deranged, sadistic version of reality.

            The kids are not OK, the young adults are not OK, the men and women are not OK. The economy is not OK. The housing and job markets are not OK. The governments are not OK. The future is not OK. But it is all OK, as all of this is part of some process which was unavoidable. Those before us had a hundred or so years of partying and booming and irresponsible bliss, so perhaps we need one thousand years of pain, horror, despair, disorder, distress, and confusion to balance things out. Personally, I would rather be in the group I’m in, the group is that is going to be punished for the abuses and sins of their fathers and mothers, than in the group of sinners who abused and sinned as much as they could. I do not feel any pride or admiration for my generation, or the generation that is coming after me, but I do not feel the same disdain or shame or loathing like I do for the baby boomers and their children.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Fake Wars, Fake Enemies, Fake Rules

            It has now become quite apparent that Coronavirus will be the new “war in the Middle East” in the sense that it is never ending, never defeated, and never really made clear as to why it is all that dangerous as compared to anything else in life which has a small risk if left ignored which is so small that it doesn’t justify not ignoring it. Last year, I wrote that the mask mandates were not fascistic at all, and I stand by that, not because these obviously ridiculous rules are not really protecting anybody and somehow disappear when professional athletes are making money for billionaires and advertisers on the field and thus don’t need to wear masks, but because humanity has reached the point in which fascism is not needed to control a population. Fascism is not required, a gay and impotent social shaming suffices to cause the average person to be completely controlled and in constant, hypochondriac fear of their life.

            It makes sense that a virus which doesn’t kill anybody under 65 is enough to make the average person a paranoiac shut-in who is now advocating for vaccines and rules which will not even allow them to stop being paranoiac shut-ins, because the average person is now completely ruled by emotions and social phenomena and disconnected from base level cause and effect as well as base level understanding of statistical probability. The average person does not struggle in any meaningful sense, does not know how to cook, does not know how to plant, and does not know how to chop down a tree or butcher an animal. The average person has completely lost the intuitive sense of the cyclical, has never watched any relative or loved one die, and is emotionally on the level of a child when it comes to life itself, not to mention death. Because the average person has never lived, the average person is completely terrified of death and can thus be easily be lead about by their snout like a pig with a nose ring whenever something related to death is brought up or suggested.

            Another reason the Coronavirus and viruses in general are the new eternal war is that the quality of people in the government has degraded to the point where tangible forever wars are becoming less feasible. Look at pictures of military members in the United States or any European country and you will see midgets and overweight social rejects. The leaders of these militaries are equally ridiculous and incompetent losers, transsexuals, homosexuals, women, and bald men who do not have any talent and are simply welfare whores. The East is not any better, with China’s military being a parody of western machismo you will find reminiscent of the cheapest, most tone-deaf pickup artist blogs. War is not really feasible on any large scale, as real war is not something that any powerful and rich leader is genuinely interested in, as decades ago all the powerful and rich leaders across all powerful and rich countries got in bed with each other and now exist solely to extract resources from their citizens to siphon upwards. This is not to mention the fact that war is a psychic, information based endeavor now, rather than a physical, gun shooting and bomb dropping endeavor. Rich and powerful nations do shoot guns and drop bombs still, but this is not in the sense of war but rather the sense of crippling those on the outside of rich and powerful nations before they can ever become a threat to rich and powerful nations.

            Viruses are the future of warfare because they cannot be nullified or disproven to any degree. Viruses, much like “Muslim extremists” of the 2001 era and now the “white extremists” of the current area, cannot fight back, they cannot be represented, they do not have a shot at winning against multinational power structures who make the news, own the politicians, and profit from the viruses, the Muslim extremists, and the white extremists who are always just in the corner of the eye like some magical monster that only comes out at night when all the children are asleep and cannot verify that this monster is actually real or a threat that should be influencing how they behave in the daytime. Viruses are the perfect enemy, because they lack autonomy and personality which allows them to be the scapegoat for incompetence and corruption. 

            Furthermore, with viruses, pseudo-mandatory vaccines will be normalized. We can see this happening already, most visible in the neurotic slave caste but soon to be normalized in a manner which is ever-present and accepted by those who are not shrill harpies or truvada-faced city-dwelling metrosexuals. It is important for the vaccines not actually to be mandatory, because there have to be visible scapegoats with medical or religious concerns about taking vaccines who the proles can then direct their frustration at for their quality of life suffering. The economy failing, the social fabric falling apart, these things will then never be the fault of the ruling class, but rather the evil anti-vaxers who are preventing the totally real recovery from happening. If only we had 100% compliance for vaccines, which is impossible, then we would have the lives our parents and grandparents had, the job opportunities they had, the quality of life that used to be the norm for those not born into privilege.

              The roads and infrastructure are falling apart in your country? That is not because the leaders tasked with repairing and improving roads and infrastructure are stealing the funds designated for roads and infrastructure, it is because the leaders are so busy saving your life from an invisible threat that they do not yet have time to fix the roads and infrastructure. There is an invisible, existential, and completely unverifiable enemy that your leaders are protecting you from, and this means that things like jobs, your neighborhood, your education, and your future are not allowed to be measured as getting worse, because if your leaders were not protecting you from the invisible bogeyman in invisible and unproveable ways, you and everybody you love would already have been murdered by the bogeyman! If anything, the decay and incompetence that you see around you everywhere on the part of your leaders should be proof that your leaders are working hard to protect you and doing an admirable job which justifies them getting insane salaries and kickbacks from multinational pharmaceutical companies.

            As I have written in prior essays, the informational blindspots that allowed for growth of incompatible psychic and eventually physical organisms that clashed in a real way with power structures have been removed. Power structures can see the whole map, they can see threats before they become threats, and they can run the calculations and structure resources and masses in ways that ensure these threats are nullified or hijacked before they can become real threats. We have passed the apex, volatile stage of the below chart and are headed towards the “fixum” stage where there is no real competition, there are no real wars, there are no real threats to power structures, and the ability for upward mobility is completely removed.