Friday, April 9, 2021

Morphing Strategies

     There is a sort of paradoxical effect that must be noted with regards to “figuring things out” in any endeavor or field as well as life itself. This paradoxical effect is that as the amount of people who know how to do something properly increases, the utilization of this knowledge becomes less effective or must be further abstracted and refined in order it to retain its effectiveness.

            For example, if I know that a geographic region is going to have an economic boom in five years, but very few other people know, it behooves me to buy up property in that area and position myself for a large payoff before it is clear that there will be an economic boom to other people. As more and more people realize there will be an economic boom in a geographic area, then prices and competition in that area will rise in that area before the actual boom hits, which then devalues the knowledge of the coming boom because those who have the knowledge have less potential profits to be made, since the market is anticipating the change before it happens and the economic variables are adjusting prior to the change. This is not perfectly elastic or efficient, and even when the economic boom happens there will still be opportunities, but generally speaking, the variables underlying pros and cons of strategies morph as more and more people know or understand the strategy. This example was in relation to physical geography mainly for its ability to be understood, but the same mechanics are at play with regards to non-physical strategies as well as other things.

            Currently, this mechanic to morphing strategies is not really understood, and it is quite good that it not for various reasons which I will not get into, because people do not understand the deterministic nature of reality. This is a topic for another conversation, but essentially the manner in which this mechanic functions means that there is no real way for anybody to get ahead permanently, as once perfect knowledge exists or human/life’s predictability can be mapped out near perfectly, then a runaway recursive function will essentially begin as the morphing strategies get increasingly complex and convoluted until irrational actors acting in a non-self-interested manner destroy them.

            The knowledge of this morphing mechanism to strategies is why I have proceeded in my writings in the way I do. I have figured the psychic and physical economies and have spent time and probably hundreds of pages describing them and how they have changed and functioned, but I have done this in a manner which is a bit abstracted and takes a lot of effort to really grasp. I have spread out all of my claims and understanding, especially with my first three books, with tons of ridiculous and foolishness, soas to make people not take me or my writings very seriously at the moment. My ideas on the psychic compared to the physical economies, resource flows, psychic dimorphism, and more will be proven to be correct, and eventually people will see that what I wrote is correct, and I will benefit from that, but all of this is going to happen at a later point rather than immediately. This manner in which I have presented myself and shared my ideas has allowed me proof of knowing what is going on, but also shielded myself from undue or harmful attention and allowed me to suffer and labor in relative obscurity while it is best that that is how I suffer and labor.

            Once you understand morphing strategies, you can begin to make your own sorts of recursive strategies to exploit how you think strategies will morph before they morph. I have done this for myself, as partially described in the prior paragraph. Rather than use my knowledge of the psychic economy eclipsing the physical economy for short term game, I am positioning myself as an honest and open individual who will be seen as being forward thinking, as well as somebody to listen to and refer to in the future. This will be especially useful in the future when I am older and my age gives me a seniority that those who might not otherwise listen to me will understand on a physical and intuitive level. As time goes on and I slowly gain a reputation of being correct, when somebody with a larger platform eventually stumbles across my work and shares important or accurate parts with their followers, I will collect a harvest both socially and financially in an exponential manner. The seeds have been planted, and little sprouts have already begun pushing their head through the soil, but even now I continue to plant more seeds and plan on planting seeds until something more beneficial comes up. This has been a digression of sorts, but it is good to put these thoughts into writing for a later date and it also does relate to the topic of the essay, as it demonstrates that my current strategy is that of positioning myself into the role that will be most in demand in the future after the general public understands the difference between the physical and psychic economies on an intuitive level.

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