Saturday, April 10, 2021

January 6th

         January 6th, 2021 will be a day that will go down in the history books. It will be lied about, it already is, and portrayed as chaos and destruction by Trump supporters contesting the results of the 2020 election. The truth of the matter was that there were Trump supporters who contested the results of the 2020 election, and there was a bit of unruliness that I do not endorse as I don’t think mass street action is feasible or wise for anybody. With that said, what was done was not immoral or cruel, no Trump supporters killed or seriously destroyed anything besides a few windows in the capital, and it remains to be seen if that destruction was actually by Trump supporters. For the purposes of this essay I will pretend that every single violent or illegal act (outside of the police killing one unarmed woman) was initiated and perpetrated by a Trump supporter willfully, because speculation otherwise (even if it is correct) is not useful for the purposes of this essay and I do not particularly care either way as I do not endorse or condemn this sort of illegal behavior, just think it’s generally stupid and not going to achieve anything positive long term for those who engage in it.

            Firstly, what happened on January 6th is exactly why I opened my third book, It Is The Sequence telling young people not to think they’re going to change the world or try to be a martyr. At that time, and even moreso now, I do not think there is any feasible revolution or explicit power struggle that genuinely good people can win long term. That is not a defeatist stance, but rather a stance where you do things which benefit you and wash your hands of the sick and unwinnable games that are being shoved in your face by those around you. The informational blindspots and psychic separation that once existed are now gone, everything is interconnected and linked globally, the real revolution (globalism winning over nationalism) happened quite a while ago and it’s already over, and the “good guys” didn’t win.

            What people have to understand is that the higher you go in established power structures, the less honor and less empathy you need to have for anybody outside of yourself. The people in Washington D.C., the people “running” whatever country you live in, these people are not good people. They are not really people at all -- they are conduits for multinational corporations and inhuman forces. The last part of that sentence is a bit bizarre sounding, but it is true. There are forces and motivations that are not fundamentally human that are involved with power and those that indulge them and engage with do tend to collect material positions and influence over those far more innocent than they are. People who read this may not believe it, and that is fine, I don’t really care.

            The election still isn’t over until Biden is sworn in, which in two weeks. I do not think Trump is going to end up doing anything to prevent this from happening, but I do not know for sure and there is always a possibility of some black swan event or information being released which radically changes the outcome from Biden becoming president. With that said, I do not really think the outcome matters, a new era is being ushered in and will be ushered in very soon. Whether it is in 2021 or 2025 is functionally irrelevant.

            A noteworthy but completely unsurprising (to anybody with a modicum of awareness/intelligence) contrast to mention is how this fairly harmless protest (outside of the consequences which will be severe for its participants as well as the general narrative going forward) is being treated and the riots/general unrest that has been allowed to grow and even fomented by politicians/multinational corporations is stark. Whereas this event was pretty much over in less than half a day, entire sections of cities have been burnt down for weeks and their local economies destroyed for years if not forever. As stated, this “logical inconsistency” is not surprising, but expected. This pro-Trump demonstration is against the dominant forces shaping our countries, the riots, looting, and protesting are beneficial because they weaken community bonds and destroy small businesses and help propagate fear between common people.

Also, and this can not be understated, the riots and looting from “racial grievances” do not put any rich or powerful people at risk, while people showing up at the capital and being around senators and congressmen makes people with power uncomfortable because there is a potential for personal harm.

As stated in another essay in It Is The Sequence as well as my 2020 book of essays, public demonstrations are not what changes history in any matter, they are a reflection of underlying forces which are changing in a rapid manner. The demonstrations which are in line with how forces are changing are allowed to grow while still being praised and then later written into the history books in a positive manner. This is the end of slavery, the promotion of “gay rights”, and many other “movements” which were really just enabled by technological advancements making resource acquisition and distributions easier among other effects which are beyond the scope of this essay.

Because this pro-Trump demonstration was not in line with changing forces which direct and guide humanity and life itself, this pro-Trump demonstration will be demonized and completely mistold in history books. Like I stated, I didn’t go to it and do not think there was any good outcome from it, but I know that it is not some violent revolution or attempt at a coup, none of the demonstrators had weapons and the vast majority did not even break any laws. It has not even been 24 hours and a multitude of dishonest politicians and media figures have made it out to be something out of a horror movie, and the various general public forums and social media sites I visit all believe this to be the case already.

The book will be thrown at anybody who broke the law, and harsh punishments will result even for some who didn’t break the law. Payment processors and websites will take this moment in history to crack down on people they dislike and consolidate more of their already almost completely dominant power. This is not a complaint on my part, I do not wish to raise awareness about what is going to happen in order to try to prevent it to happen, this is simply a “prediction” based on analysis and basic common sense.

What all the well-meaning and understandably frustrated people who went to the demonstration do not realize is that they are not doing anything which will benefit themselves long term. It feels good to show up and express displeasure, and lots of people feel a need for release so I do not fault them (much like I did not and do not fault black or minority rioters or looters even though their behavior is explicitly anti-social and most people who like me vehemently disagree with my stance), but it won’t do any good and is just going to cause them more suffering.

The only way to win at this point is not through revolution or social display, those roads are permanently closed. Your children or grandchildren will not have a good life through going on marches, going to the capital and breaking in, cutting down powerlines, or stockpiling weapons and posting about politics on social media. Your children will have a life if you realize that the institutions you seek to save are not able to be saved. In the past, they might have been honorable and truly served the common man, even though I do not believe this to be the case, the institutions you seek to save are not built or structured to ever be healthy in the reality we now exist in. These institutions around you, the politicians that make you promises, the leaders that give you hope of a utopia, these are all rotting corpses. That is why there are no inspirational or even seemingly competent politicians anymore, because you must be so corrupt, stupid, or willing to lie to innocent people that nothing good can be a politician of any note.

Your children and grandchildren (and you) will have a good life if you can detach your understandable emotions and frustrations from the system and start building your own structures and ecosystems that are healthy and honorable. The disgusting things you see around you have power now, and most likely they will grow in power for many more decades and even centuries, but disgusting things are not sustainable and eventually are destroyed. Their mechanism of destruction, the way evil loses, these are not from external sources (although external sources are often involved in their destruction), these are from the fundamental lies or dishonest taboos which form within them and eventually create instability or rot that collapses the whole thing.

As I did in It Is The Sequence, I will once again make an honest and direct plea for those reading to lose their savior complex, to stop romanticizing being a martyr, to refuse to devote their energy or pins their hopes to a system that does not care about them, will not help them, and only steals from them. This plea I am reiterating is now a bit more urgent, as I can see that social control mechanisms are becoming increasingly claustrophobic and any panic or distress is becoming increasingly penalized. The way to win is to be productive, disciplined, studious, and not to compromise your honor. It is to live among but not entangle yourself with the sickly and demented around you. In order not just to thrive, but to survive, you must keep your cortisol levels low, learn to breathe, and move like a fox moves.

There will always people who are not warned as I am warning the reader, or people who are warned and disagree or ignore the warning, and these people I do not look down on or malign. These people will be martyrs and sacrifices that speed up processes. These people are acting foolishly and unwise, much like the people who broke into the capital on January 6th, 2021 were acting foolishly and unwise, but these people generally have their heart in the right place, and that is something to value in and of itself. I don’t mock these people because I understand where they’re coming from, whether they’re on the left or the right, and most of them are too young to know any better. It is much better to be overly passionate and foolhardy than to be born dead inside, cynical, and seeing no reason to do anything that is hard or dangerous.

Ultimately, this event that has happened and the contrast between how it is and will be covered can be mined for lots of important and valuable info. The way this will be written about in history books and used to pass legislation as well as adjust social norms should give everybody paying attention reason to consider if past “historical events” are accurately portrayed. This, however, is a topic for another essay that I’m sure will get me in trouble. I do not really care, as I tell the truth and no matter how I am mistreated or lied about now or in the future is a very cheap price to pay. I have a clear conscience and sleep very well at night, something that very few people can currently say and even fewer people will be able to say in the future. Now it is time for me to sleep.

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