Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Against Moldbug’s Cathedral

             Curtis Yarvin, who went by the name of Moldbug when writing his blog Unqualified Reservations, is the main proponent of a concept called the “cathedral”, which is essentially nerd-speak for the institutions that define and control reality in the first world. It is Moldbug’s idea that this cathedral of sorts is what dominates life, and this idea is completely incorrect.

            Firstly, when speaking of the cathedral, it must be mentioned that it is not a cathedral but rather a synagogue. You cannot throw a stone in the so-called cathedral without hitting a jewish person or a person backed by jewish people. Of course, Yarvin is incapable of being honest about this, because he is jewish and also not very smart, so the obvious facts that jewish interests such as international finance and credentialism in order to access levers of power dominate the cathedral, that jewish ideas such as critical race theory and Marxist thought which have roots in jewish intellectuals are the only ideas allowed to operate unimpeded, are never honestly or clearly addressed. A cathedral imagines traditional western behavior and thought, but what is going on is not traditional western behavior or thought, it is a Judaic “othering” of a vast majority of the population, the vision of the general public being cattle to extract resources from and lied to. The cathedral is not a cathedral, it is a synagogue.

            Lest this essay be discounted as being anti-Semitic or hateful in some manner, let me be clear that I do not particularly care about being discounted for that reason because I write what is true, also that what I write is not from the perspective that the synagogue needs to be destroyed or that it is inferior to the cathedral, the synagogue and the jewish mentality that underwrites most if not all of institutional power at this point is not inherently bad or evil, it just is what it is, and what it is is degradative to the majority while enriching a small minority. If you think that this is a call for violence or insulting towards jewish thought or perspective, you are projecting your slave morality and humanistic need for equality and fairness on me. This essay is not prescriptive or judgmental, it is analytical in nature and honest to a degree in which those who are always looking for prescriptions will find offensive.

            Where Yarvin is right about the synagogue is that there is a very real and defined power structure that exists, but because he is quite stupid he misses the forest for the trees. I have written before that humans are just dancing corpses, that we are all playing a game where if we move in a certain rhythm we are rewarded materially, if we move in a different rhythm we are punished materially, and it doesn’t really immediately matter the reason by which we are moving in a certain rhythm. There is a rhythm to life, there are strategies that work and strategies that don’t work, and what the synagogue is tapping into, what the functional power structures are tapping into, is that life is fundamentally about resource flows and positioning yourself to benefit from these flows, not creating the resource flows out of nothing.

            One of the many areas that Yarvin is wrong in, and there are very many,  is that the synagogue functions not because of any top-down human will or planning, but because resource flows have set them up to function. Something that must be understood about resource flows is that these are redistributing resources and molding the topography of the physical as well as the psychic. In the context of the physical, what this means is that nodes like cities where intellectuals sprang forth from were essentially formed by resource flows. Trade routes and ports were formed to exchange goods more efficiently, capital piled up in those areas, people piled up where the capital was, information and networking was most available in those areas, and everything flowed from that. The synagogue functions based on infrastructure built up from resource flows, resource flows were not defined by the synagogue.

            Now, with that understanding, we move on to the meat of this essay which is why the synagogue is a real structure, why Judaic and jewish mentality of the “master race” exploiting the other is dominant in the current paradigm. Once again, we move back to resource flows to understand. In the past, when information and capital had an umbilical cord which tied it to the physical economy and physical geography, there were localized rewards and penalties for pro-social and anti-social behavior. You knew your customers and your customers knew you, so if you were selling poison you would be punished and get a bad localized reputation. If you were stealing money, you were stealing money from your friends and neighbors and would eventually suffer the consequences for that. Now, resources and information are abstracted and the aforementioned umbilical cord has been severed. I can scam somebody in China or India and get rich and nobody in my local community will suffer or punish me for doing so. I can promote community destroying ideas on the other side of the world and nobody in my community is harmed, so I can profit off of that. With the psychic economy no longer being tied to the physical economy, predatory psychic behavior can be engaged in, in a manner in which could not have been engaged in the past. The wandering, nomadic, carnivorous and abusive mentality of the small tribe exploiting everybody else is now the most dominant and successful strategy.

            Another observation which must be made with regards to Yarvin’s incorrect understanding of the synagogue is that that synagogue is dying. It was built up and established its systems of resource abstraction in the context of the physical being dominant over the psychic, which is no longer the case. The reproduction and distribution of psychic materials such as music, books, and opinions no longer requires publishers and gatekeepers with capital, which is a large aspect of what gave the synagogue so much power in the past. This can be seen by the quality of people running the synagogue, which falls decade over decade and increasingly structurally resembles a parody of the inbred Hapsburg family, an institution that no longer has a world that has the same interface nodes or rules as the one it gained its power in. At this point, the people who are trying to become leaders of physical institutions that make up the synagogue are visibly ridiculous and stupid, because only suckers who don’t understand the natural law driving everything (like Yarvin) are trying to gain power through the synagogue.

            Once again, I must stress this essay is not really anti-Semitic or hateful in any manner. It is mostly just a funny analytical piece, a liberty I take to make fun of the dying old guard of pseudo-intellectuals like Moldbug who speak in obscurantist and dishonest manner to hide their lack of insight. I personally have jewish friends and, like Nietzsche, find the jewish knack for sticking together and extracting resources from outsiders quite impressive and admirable. With that said, it must also be said that the synagogue is dying, the psueds like Moldbug will be looked back on as laughable mediocrities with a net-negative impact on their readership, and people like me, people who actually understand what is going on in a generative sense, will make an example of all the old guard in order to enrich ourselves. By positioning myself as antagonistic towards Moldbug, I am essentially a schoolyard bully picking on a developmentally disabled kid to win the attention of other schoolyard bullies. And if Moldbug knows anything, it’s that the bullies in life are the ones who end up the bosses of the bullied, the people who are cruel and remorseless towards outsiders are the ones who are the slavemasters rather than the enslaved. So here’s to you, Moldbug, your mediocre analysis has enabled me to benefit at your expense. Your idiocy and failure to think will continue to benefit me. I don’t dislike you, I like you, you’re the failure that makes my success shine even brighter.


  1. Hmmmm... shots fired. Finally, someone is brave enough to tackle the main issue behind the Cathedral(Synagogue) school of thought, that the proponent of the idea, is a member of the Synagogue himself, and this is probably behind why he is so capable to describe its shape, but at the same time equally incapable of explaining how its consensus manifests in reality without using CIA jargon.

    Mr. Paul, I came back to see if you had replied to my comment, lo and behold, not only you did but you also dropped a J-bomb for my personal amusement. It is been a long time I've been calling for people in the NRx to dig a little bit more, but it seems they wish to keep that fact, a little secret of them.

    1. The important thing about it imo is not really that it is jewish or anything like that, more that because Yarvin is fundamentally incapable of really being honest, his ideas are necessarily very bad. When telling the truth or explaining things you have to be able to describe in a clear and honest manner what is really going on, not hiding or deflecting certain portions. If you shield one aspect or attribute of a system then you warp everything else and any solutions or analysis becomes exponentially more disjointed and irrational as everything ultimately flows out of the accurate representation of things as they are or the lack thereof. As I wrote in the essay I really don't care that it's jewish in nature or think that it's inherently bad because of that, it is just a fact that very few people, and Yarvin is not one of them, can honestly state, because of the fact that not naming things as they are is one of the fundamental power functions that the system uses to keep its power.