Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Implosion of Bitcoin

             It’s an open secret that there is a large amount of fraud in the cryptocurrency space. From explicit scams to weird convoluted “bugs” placed into smart contracts that magically get found soon after their creation, enabling “mysterious hackers” (the people who wrote the smart contracts) to drain millions of dollars from said smart contracts, cryptocurrency has a well-deserved reputation as being linked to criminals and other people of low moral character. This is not really the topic of this essay and is not really meant as an insult against cryptocurrency, but rather a short objective overview of the space and the way it is viewed by those outside of the space as well as those interested and participating in cryptocurrency markets who have retained some objectivity.

            I have been extremely interested in cryptocurrency since I first hear about it back in 2013, even going so far as to be actively involved on the BitcoinTalk forums, various IRC channels, and even a few very early proof of stake and stablecoin projects. As time has gone on, I’ve watched the space evolve and become more complex in terms of technical capabilities, but also devolve and largely become the domain of people who would otherwise be selling multi-level marketing courses or becoming lifecoaches in hopes of turning a failed, wasted life into something successful. While this last observation is a bit of a direct insult, I am still very interested in cryptocurrency as a technology as well as its impacts on the world as a whole.

            With the two prior paragraphs out of the way, I will now get to the meat of this essay, which is that I suspect the implosion of bitcoin as well as the entire cryptocurrency space may be a few years or a decade out, at most. This implosion is not because I see bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole as technologically unsound, but rather because of what these technological systems will be displacing if they succeed: fiat currency and the masters of fiat currency.

            If there is anything I have learned over the last decade of creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, it is that reality is rigged to an absurd degree. There are proles that make it big, creatives that make it big, people who are not born into wealth who make it big, but these are generally exceptions that prove the rule. The entire social situation in America is one of illusionary freedom. You can do what you want and say what  you want as long as you have no influence or reach, but once you start getting influence and reach you find yourself surrounded by gangsters and corrupt nodes of authority that will essentially knock you back to square one and force you to start all over unless what you are expressing is already in line with the regime in power. The “dominant values” of society are only dominant because anybody who does not agree with them who is successful will find their reputation libeled, their ability to participate in social platforms repeatedly taken away, and sometimes even thrown in prison or all their assets seized by the federal government. This sounds hyperbolic but it is not, I know multiple people who have not done anything wrong who are now unable to use the banking system or access their cash, or have been charged with federal crimes they are not guilty of but will still end up in prison as a result.

            If the social scene in “the first world” is so rigged and corrupt, I have no doubt that the financial scene is rigged and corrupt to an even more extreme degree. The free and open internet was a real thing and promising thing until the free and open internet began to displace the influence of establishment institutions, now the free and open internet is more of a joke phrase than any sort of thing that exists. It is my opinion that bitcoin and cryptocurrency will eventually suffer the same fate once they become a real threat to the institutions that issue and control money, because the institutions that issue and control money simply derive too much power from said activities to let themselves get replaced.

            It has long been theorized that central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are planned. This makes sense to me, as everywhere I look it appears that traditional currencies are being gangbanged and abused to the point where it seems the people running them are not really planning on keeping them around for a long time. CBDCs are not really an improvement over traditional currencies, they are just digital versions of rigged games that, in their digital form, will make taxation and tracking as well as other mechanisms of social control (UBI in exchange for following arbitrary rules and guidelines that are related to social behavior) much easier. CBDCs are essentially the same old system of control, upgraded to a degree which will further cement existing power structures.

            CBDCs are technologically inferior to cryptocurrencies. They will inflate and contract and dance to whatever tune the people at the helm of them decide to play, whenever they decide to play them. Cryptocurrencies are filled with fraud and scams and seedy characters, but the ones that end up lasting long term will generally be straightforward and honest in how they function. This straightforward honesty is a flaw, not a feature, for the people at the top of the hierarchy. The people running things, the people with armies and more money than God, are not interested in playing a fair game – and why should they be? These people have all the power, all the influence, and all the money flowing in their direction. The game that the truly successful play is not a game of winning anything new, but rather the game of ensuring they never lose anything they have, which is everything.

            For the reasons stated above, the implosion of bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole is most likely inevitable at this point. Whether this implosion is in five years or twenty years or fifty years is not clear to me, because I think this implosion – more accurately a controlled demolition – will occur not based on time benchmarks, but rather influence benchmarks. Once cryptocurrency is successful enough to the point where it represents a genuine threat to any sort of established power, once crytpocurrency has swallowed up enough capital that it is many multiples larger than it already is, then it makes sense to me that various governments and legal arms of those governments will swing into action to a degree that destroys the original dream of cryptocurrency, which is decentralized exchange of value in a secure and verifiable manner not relying on any country or country’s leaders in order to function.

            How will bitcoin and cryptocurrency be demolished? The farther out the demolishing, the harder it gets to predict in terms of names and specifics, but the most likely demolishing seems to me to be related to fraud, more specifically Tether. Another fairly open secret in the cryptocurrency space is that Tether, a stablecoin pegged at 1USD per coin, is most likely completely fraudulent. Every time there is a flash crash in bitcoin, billions of Tether are magically summoned into existence. This is most likely used to buy up bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and prevent a chain reaction of liquidations which would implode bitcoin and the entire market.

            In my opinion, this is what’s happening with Tether and things like Tether: the cryptocurrency markets are purposely being inflated and secured in a fraudulent manner. Bitcoin is essentially being propped up and “cushioned” by imaginary money soas to prevent it from going through natural boom-bust cycles which would allow it to be fundamentally sound. Tether is being “baked in” to the cryptocurrency scene to a degree that is scary, as the more it is a cornerstone of cryptocurrency, the more the overall health of cryptocurrency is contingent on Tether not being fraudulent – which seems to be an increasingly absurd proposition.

            At a certain point, the USD’s inflation will increase to a degree which is untenable. Most first world economies are already in seeming death spirals, but we are in the calm before the storm. When things get really genuinely bad, a point we are nowhere near, money will increasingly flow into bitcoin and cryptocurrency at a breakneck speed. This will create a feedback loop of these things gaining in value and becoming increasingly seen as an escape for people who see no other escape. At this point is when I suspect a controlled demolition of cryptocurrency will take place.

            When it looks like bitcoin and cryptocurrency have succeeded in supplanting traditional power structures, that is when I think the fatal blows against bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be delivered. Tether, the cornerstone of decentralized finance, will be imploded and panic will set in with its implosion. Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market will enter freefall and make many seemingly rich people into definitely poor people over night. Many people who put their capital into crypto as a means to protect their savings will wake up to poverty.

            The human interest angle of the implosion is the most important aspect of this whole process. There will need to be lots of carnage, lots of proles who have lost all their money, lots of despair and confusion, lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth. The reason this is so important is that there needs to be some “disaster” or “tragedy” that is so vivid to the average person that the average person becomes supportive of bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole being shut down and banned in a legal manner. The fact that markets are things completely different than the technical aspects of bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be obfuscated and lied about, and the human misery of the crash will be highlighted and focused on until it is illegal to participate in cryptocurrency. Once this is all done, then CBDCs will have no competition and the people at the top of the societal hierarchy will continue their reign of terror and abuse unimpeded.

            This is all speculative and just my opinion, but it is the path that makes the most sense to me as far as cryptocurrency goes. I hope that I am wrong, that this is all the product of an overactive imagination, but I don’t really see people with power over finances giving up their power over finances. Life experience has taught me that games are rigged and generational success is something that is not allowed for most of the population. This is not to say not to participate in speculation related to cryptocurrency, I will continue doing so as if I don’t believe what I have just written. It is better to behave as if life is not rigged and success is directly correlated to hard work, even if both of those things are not true at all, because the alternative is to dwell in despair and hopelessness.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


            When a community is screwed up, when it is starting to fall apart, wise leaders do their best to stop the community from being screwed up. The longer a community remains screwed up, the more antisocial behaviors like crime and homelessness become normalized. As time goes on, if the situation is not fixed, the functional and successful members of the area will begin to leave and find other, non-screwed up, areas to live and conduct business in. If the “haves” in the community are displeasured with the situation but do not wish to move, they will begin to campaign and organize in order to replace the leaders with new leaders who will enact policies and move around resources in a manner that pulls their community out of its decay and increasing dysfunction.

            What happens when a community is so screwed up that it can no longer be fixed? What happens when anti-social elements are prevalent and established enough that the productive and successful members of society have no real influence or even potential for influence anymore? Look around you anywhere in the Western world. That is what has occurred. Systemic, mechanistic forces have arranged societies and communities in such a manner that there is no proper or healthy way to prevent decline. The only game for those in power is not how to fix communities or make them prosper, but rather how to keep the increasingly unruly, unhealthy, anti-social mob that makes up most of the population pacified and incapable of expressing their discontent.

            Legalization of drugs and prostitution is what has begun for Western countries. This is not an increase of freedom that is being pushed on the population out of love, but rather disdain and castration of the will. Most people are not suited to have access to drugs and sex for money, especially not in the context of a failing economy and an increasingly fraying social fabric, because most people will latch onto these things to self-medicate away their despair and depression rather than doing anything that might get them out of subpar communities and living standards. Still, in a sociopathic sense, legalization of drugs that numb the pain of an unhappy and unsuccessful life makes sense – at least to the ruling class.

            Marijuana is being legalized in America because America is rotting and become a psychological torture chamber for most people, not because of any goodwill by any politician. Instead of getting angry and doing something violent or dangerous for those in power, smoke a blunt or eat edibles and become catatonic in the apartment you can barely afford because your job barely pays enough to make rent. Get high to cope with the lack of opportunity you have, the depression and mental illness you see all around you, and stay high so you sit on your couch in your free time instead of becoming a hassle to those born into wealth and privilege.

            Right now it is marijuana that is being legalized. Soon it will be LSD and magic mushrooms and other sorts of drugs that make you OK with not being OK. These drugs are not inherently evil or bad to use in their proper context, but they are not harmless or passive things that should be normalized and available in the same way caffeine is normalized and available. These drugs need to be used on a non-habitual, conscious basis, and even then they carry risks.

            The future of America is one where people don’t have opportunities for upward mobility, where maintaining whatever circumstances you were born into is the new upward mobility. But hey, if you’re high all the time, if you have easy access to prostitutes, if your mind is constantly being reconfigured by hallucinogens, you won’t have the energy to express discontent. You might not even notice that you can’t afford a standard of living that your parents had, even though you work longer hours and do more than your parents ever did.

            Don’t notice that your food is increasingly artificial and it costs more than when it was natural, don’t notice that your kids are increasingly deformed and mentally ill, don’t notice that you have not advanced in life despite working hard and playing by the rules – get high! Don’t notice that the banks are buying up all the houses, that tech founders are buying up all the land, that pharmaceutical companies are funding all the news that is telling you to take drugs from those pharmaceutical companies – get high!

            What do you get when your country is dying and your leaders are so far removed from the communities they lead that they don’t even care about increasing crime or crumbling infrastructure? You get weed, LSD, magic mushrooms, prostitution, gambling, and every other vice that allows people in misery to self-lobotomize and self-castrate. You get a parasitical managerial class sucking the life out of its host organism and plying the host organism with physical and mental sedatives in order to keep the host organism impotent and weak. That is where we are now and it is only going to get worse and worse.

            Enjoy your new freedoms. Enjoy the ability to get fucked up in the head and “explore different states of consciousness” in a legal manner. Just know that these new freedoms are not in addition to the freedoms of a functioning, healthy society in which you can succeed without fraud or nepotism, but rather in place of those freedoms. The freedom to self-harm and chemically gimp yourself is not being given to you as some innocent and kindhearted gift, it is being given to you so you don’t notice that your life is getting worse, your opportunities are disappearing, and your kids will be growing up in a dysfunctional and unhappy and unsafe environment that will enslave and torture and mock and degrade them to an increasing degree.

Saturday, November 6, 2021


     The modern existence is one where things are going wrong. Pay attention to anything with any degree of focus and you will notice the rot and decay and how everything with regards to whatever you’re paying attention to seems to be going wrong in some way. There is no institution or social group that seems to be flourishing or growing in a healthy manner. This time can accurately be summed up with the word “condemned.”

            Work hard, don’t work at all, live healthily, live unhealthily, but whenever you stop to look around you, you will see that you seem to be condemned just like everything around you seems to be condemned. The American experiment in addition the modern world as a whole has reached the point to where the consequences of actions are catching up, and the consequences are not flattering or inspiring. Constriction is here, avenues for success and happiness are contracting, and constipation hangs in the air.

            The old world, the one that has existed for the entirety of human history, is on its way out. It has been superseded by a new one that has not yet established itself. The psychic economy is eating the physical economy and redistributing resources in a manner completely indifferent to the disastrous human consequences to such redistribution of resources. We are in an evolutionary bottleneck. As a result, there is confusion and despair that underwrites everything. A great molting is occurring, but what is molting? Everything is molting. Everything is being shed. No pretty lies will be spared. The traditional understanding of life, what drives most people, what most people are working for and towards, all of these things are marked for destruction and completely condemned.

            Having friends and family and loved ones at this point is a bit like a man on death row passing the time before his execution with others on death row also passing the time before their execution. Twiddle your thumbs in your cell or work a career and start a family in your cell, but in your cell you remain. The execution day inches closer and closer, it doesn’t matter what you do while you’re in your cell.

            None of the power structures that are identified and have some sort of stature or reputation make it out of this century alive. No country or company that survives to 2100 will look like what they currently look like. As the technological exoskeleton grows, the radius of power for those with power shrinks. Determinism has always been correct, condemned has always been the word to describe everything, but the airy and muddling abstractions that hid this from the human understanding are being removed at an exponentially increasing rate. The abyss and it being the final location for love, passion, and hope becomes less occluded with each passing year.

            We are all on death row, condemned to die. The games we play, which some play better than others, to distract ourselves from this fact, these games are being taken away from us. Unfortunately, most people are not built to be able to internalize the futility of everything. The last few years of humanity writhing in agony and lashing out haphazardly proves this. As our games are stripped away, a madness and refusal to embrace the inevitable end takes their place. Because most people are not living any sort of real life, most people refuse to embrace death.

            We are in a nightclub and the nightclub is on fire. There are a few small exits, but what waits outside the exit is a cold and dark starless night. Most people inside this nightclub will do everything they can to prevent you from reaching the exit if they ever see you making your way to the exit. It’s hot in here, but as long as the crowd remains in here, it’s not lonely and not leaving is not something which feels like a judgment against the individual. I don’t have to feel bad about dying if everybody around me is dying. If everybody is doomed, then it is not a mark against my personal character that I am doomed.

            Eat, drink, and be miserable, for this world is condemned. The values and narratives which make up human understanding are completely illusory phantasms that have only existed in the comfortable buffer of excess that is now on its way out. The old economy, not just one country’s economy but the whole world’s economy, and everything downstream from the economy – which is literally everything – is a dead beast in which resides a new and living beast that is eating it and preparing to burst through the old, dead beast. Play your games, collect your trinkets, buy your houses, stack your cash, and kiss your loved ones, because all of this is marked for destruction and condemned.

            There are those who will escape the condemnation that hangs in the air, but these will not be heroes as heroes are seen today. These will be abusers, sociopaths, psychopaths, and the misanthropes of humanity who have no illusions about the nature of reality. Non-localized generalized empathy is all that people understand as empathy anymore. In order to function in this dying world, in order to garner any sort of positive reputation and participate in the increasingly rotten and deranged mass psychosis that makes up society, an individual must be deluded and moronic or know how to appear deluded and moronic. Improper taboos and beliefs completely divorced from the reality of cause and effect are the driving forces for today’s condemned world.

            To those that escape the death we are all marked for will exist a new sort of death, an internal one. Nobody can escape from certain thoughts and realizations as to reality’s cold indifference and the illusionary nature of the “sanctity of life” after watching the vast majority of that which is like them meet some horrible fate. What will emerge from the ending of this age is a caste of cruelly self-aware upper caste that does not believe in any sort of human value system that currently exists. Instead, what these people will believe will be dark and evil to a degree that is impossible to describe in the confines of this essay.

            We are all condemned to fail in the near future. Those of us who reject this judgment will be breaking the rules and standards of life to a degree which fundamentally changes our self-conception in an irreversible manner. You can’t cheat death without being transforming into something inhuman. Death is coming for all of us and all we care about, those of us who escape and live past our condemnation will never be able to return to comforting lies and passive participation and innocent cooperation that most people identify with. Whether living past the date of condemnation is good or not, whether being profane and refusing to die with the rest of humanity is good or not, remains to be seen.

Saturday, October 30, 2021


             Everywhere I look, I see ghosts. These are not Casper the Friendly Ghost or empty sheets that silently float by, but rather not quite living, not quite dead, people. These ghosts have names and feelings, hopes and fears, but their hopes have been crushed by the world and left them shells of humans. These ghosts gave it their best, were not lazy or stupid, but they were rejected and cast aside by everybody who could fulfill their most basic human desires.

            Most people know ghosts. Ghosts are that highschool friend who got mixed up in a bad crowd and is in now in prison for selling drugs, or the homeless man they see sitting on some sidewalk begging for change on a cold November night in the city, but nothing really personal. These are ghosts, not people anymore. These ghosts are living, but their life is not anything resembling the basic things we all strive to have. There is no place for ghosts in the current paradigm, so they live in the margins of society or are locked away.

            When I was in the psych ward I saw dozens of ghosts housed together. These ghosts were medicated and given pudding cups and hospital food and television to pass the time. These ghosts would be visited by non-ghosts, namely their family members, every so often for an hour or two. The family members would talk to the ghosts, sometimes bring offerings to the ghosts in the form of food or snacks, but this was more for the benefit of the family members rather than the ghosts. By bringing offerings, the living humans, the humans allowed to go outside and live their life in society instead of being locked up and medicated, were able to avoid feeling bad about the living conditions of the ghosts they had blood relations to. The family members would leave and go on about their day in the real world – meanwhile the ghosts in the psych ward would return to watching mindless television and having their minds lobotomized by antipsychotics and barren, lifeless, recycled air.

            I know a lot of internet ghosts, those who have tried to “make it” online and had the best years of their life siphoned away without any payoff. The human mind is not really meant to labor away in solitude for years and then fail, at least not a typical human mind. Creative work on the internet is a good way to become a ghost.

The strangest part of the internet is that ghosts here do not really disappear in the same way that ghosts disappear offline. Instead internet ghosts are never really sure that they’re ghosts until it’s far too late for them to do something else with their potential. The internet is like a slot machine of sorts, you never know if the next pull of the machine is going to be the one that turns up 777 and moves you from the status of nobody to somebody. The successful internet slot machine pulls are so spread out that it’s functionally worse to succeed sometimes than to never succeed at all, because any benefits from the first successful internet pull will wear off and leave you worse off than when you started long before you get a successful second pull.

The digital age is a malevolent one, where ghosts can no longer die, where those of us who are not ghosts – not yet – are constantly haunted by them. For me, somebody successful with my creative endeavors to some small degree, there is always a reminder that most of the people I’ve seen working on projects similar to mine will never get anywhere near to where I’ve gotten – through no fault of my own. My own success is not all that great or impressive, I’m in some sort of limbo where turning into a ghost seems just as likely at times as not turning into a ghost.

Ghosts surround me with every waking moment. They brush against my shoulder, rubbing against me. I can feel them there, but not really, reminding me that I’m not fundamentally any different than them, I’ve just lucked into a position that allows me to keep myself from being a ghost for the foreseeable future. The ghosts call to me when I’m feeling particularly abject or tired, telling me to give up and stop my struggling. The ghosts tell me to stop working on creative projects, to give up on the freedom that I’ve had tastes of, and get some bullshit job that provides me financial security and perhaps even the ability to relax in exchange for this creative endeavor that bleeds into my dreams and makes it impossible for me to ever relax.

 All ages are filled with ghosts, but ours is the first one in which ghosts are forced to be around those who are not ghosts. For whatever success I eventually achieve, there will be ghosts I’m still in contact with forced to see me enjoying my success and forced to wonder why they are not the ones enjoying my success. These are the living ghosts, tortured and punished for not making some amorphous and constantly shifting, unfair and illegitimate standard. These living ghosts are haunted by us: the living who managed to hang on to some form of delusional hope or dream. These ghosts have to wake up and face every morning knowing that they took their shot – and their shot missed.

I am haunted by the ghosts that are no longer around. Friends and people in my spheres who are dead from drug overdoses or suicide periodically drift into my consciousness. These people were all dealt a bad hand in life, forgotten and not supported by society or their loved ones, or else they wouldn’t have made the choices that ultimately cut their existences short. How can I get up each day and pretend that this world that I’m living in, that we’re all living in, is worth living in? It’s obviously not. This is a slaughterhouse, not any sort of humane experience worth glorifying. There are moments of joy and affection, but these moments are drowned out by the gallons of blood that constantly wash over me when I take a shower. The good food I eat, the adoration I receive in excess, these things turn acidic and curdle in my stomach. They remind me of ghosts.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Attention Span

 Did you know the average person’s attention span has dropped to an attention span that is lower than the attention span a goldfish has? Did you know that car accidents actually increased in 2020 compared to years prior, despite most travel decreasing due to COVID lockdowns and jobs removing commutes in favor of telecommuting? Did you know you can say whatever you want and do whatever you want without any consequences if you quickly do something or say something immediately following it that jolts any observers in a way they don’t expect? Pay attention! Did you know all of this stuff is really connected in a seriously funny way? Or maybe a funnily serious way? Probably not.

            A fact that most people will be unable to admit or realize is that very few people are masters of their fate. Most people, most family members, most friends, most CEOs, most politicians, most bankers, most people regardless of race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion, or geographic region are just goldfish mentally, but not normal goldfish, goldfish with severe mental deficiencies.

            What is the reason for this? Ease of survival, technology, biology, society, food sources, lack of exercise, and a near infinite amount of reasons can be described, but those are just phenomenological. The real reason is human nature, most people become enslaved over time by whatever “nice things” they manage to get or make or steal, because most people are slaves by their very nature. Most people hurt themselves by doing well, and only have some semblance of competency or self-discipline because their external environment makes them have some semblance of competency or self-discipline. Social media has demonstrated this fact quite nicely.

            What difference does it make to your life if Trump or Biden is president. What difference does it make if you’re allowed to say racial slurs or wear a MAGA hat in public? If you can be honest, which most people can’t, you’ll admit it makes literally no difference. It’s nice to say bad words or wear what you want or win a game (politics is a game – and a stupid one) just to see people you don’t like lose the game and laugh at them, but none of this stuff is really important or honestly impactful with regards to your quality of life. If you think it is, you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Pay attention!

            When you have an attention span that is inferior to a goldfish, you are incapable of doing anything serious. You’re also incapable of doing anything unserious. You get tossed about like a ragdoll, abused and mistreated by people who have managed to get attention spans that are longer than a goldfish’s attention span. People like me, just slightly different as these people are malicious and not trying to help you out. Pay attention!

            You don’t have to be inferior to a goldfish. You don’t have to feel bad or worried about the future. You don’t have to pay attention to the news. You don’t have to think some election is going to change your life. You don’t have to be miserable. But only if you can trick yourself into not having the attention span of a moron. This is not really a guide on how to do this, as how to get yourself able to genuinely focus for longer than a few seconds is something that is different for each person, and if I was selling you something to get you to do this then I’d just be abusing you, but it is a wakeup call of sorts: Pay attention.

            I can’t make you fix yourself. No guru can fix you. No book or essay or politician or religious leader or drug can fix you. These things can help point you in the right direction, like I’m trying to do right now, but you have to be the one to fix yourself. Don’t trust anybody who says they have all your solutions. Trust yourself. Take responsibility for your life. Take responsibility for yourself. Quit waiting for some superhero or magic event that fixes all your problems, the only superheroes or magic events that are coming are increasingly sadistic and evil, and the longer you wait for them… the worse they will be for you. Pay attention!

            Pay attention, please, before you end up in hell. Most of you are already partially in hell. No woman, no drugs, no movement is going to fix your problems. No sex, no promotion, no external respect or accolade is going to fix your problems. Nobody but you is capable of fixing your problems. Man up, or woman up, and take control of your life. How do you do this? It’s different for everybody, and it’s confusing and extremely hard at the beginning, and you’ll be accused of increasingly horrible things by goldfish brains (crabs in a bucket) who get bizarrely bitter and suspicious of you the more you free yourself of being a slave, but you also will care less and less what these losers think until you find their jabs and jeers and threats ridiculous. Pay attention to yourself!

            Be honest with yourself. That’s all you need to do. You don’t need to buy anything or follow anybody, not me or anybody. Stop spending your time and energy trying to distract yourself from how miserable and sick and sad you feel, and really just embrace those feelings and stew in them and realize you feel those things for a real reason. Then work on getting rid of those real reasons, fixing those real reasons, and mitigating those real reasons. Once again, this is a vague framework and not a step by step guide because the process is different for each person. Once again, nobody can do this for you but you, nobody besides you can get you off the road to hell that you and all the other goldfish brains are on. Take inspiration from and talk with good people who have done this, but realize they’re not your savior or parent or guardian, and anybody pretending to be that way is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, somebody who is just turning you into a toy for them to abuse. Your success will be your success and you will get the rewards from it only if you really know you are the one who succeeded, and not some cult leader on twitter who has you paying them a subscription and is larping as God while abusing people. Pay attention to yourself before your attention span gets even worse! Good luck, or bad luck, I don’t really care.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Worshipping Feelings

 Something I have realized over the past few weeks and months is that most people do not really care about anyone else, and that the people who are more apt to proclaim or present themselves that they do are more apt to be abusers or predators. It’s a tired and worn trope that “nice guys” and “male feminists” are all either rapists or sexual abusers, but it’s tired and worn because this is the case more often than not. The act they put on, their inability to be willfully cruel or have a backbone, is something they present because they are like a strip club or casino which puts attractive lights and sensuous iconography on their external shell to hide that they are just trying to lure in victims.

            Most people, male or female, are not capable of love. When they’re “in love” or “love somebody”, they are really just enjoying the emotions they are feeling inside their head. They are not happy for or content that they could generate positive feelings inside of somebody else’s head, because they don’t care about the other person outside of that person being a prop. If they found themselves in a position where they could get away with leaving the “person they love” for some stronger and more pleasurable feeling without running any risk of being punished for their betrayal, 99% of people would easily and instantly do this. They might “feel bad” about it, but even that is a lie they tell themselves. They pathologize this completely reasonable and logical feeling of being a bad person who is horrible, and then turn it into some “guilt” that needs to be overcome, instead of embraced and accepted.

            Most people like me or find me charming, not because they actually like me or find me charming, but because they worship their feelings like they should worship God. They say I’m smart, not because they have any conception of intelligence, but because I communicate things in a manner in which people feel delight in their brains that makes them feel good, and anything that makes them feel good or clever must mean the other person is smart. I’m quite foolish and idiotic, I’ve done far more stupid things in even my childhood and even now than most high IQ people will ever do in their entire life. I know I’m not smart, I know I’m not special, that’s why I am so effortlessly able to weave together various threads of logic and intuition into something that gets called smart. I don’t worship my emotions, so I get worshipped by people who do worship their emotions. I struggle every day to be honest about my emotions internally, and then consider how they’re warping my perception of reality. I feel like I’m going crazy most of the time, but somehow my behavior is more lucid and clever than 99% of people because of that.

            Most people are slaves to their emotions. Look around you. This world runs on blood money. Churches and Temples exist in societies that are completely antithetical to their ostensible beliefs and standards. Nearly everything is the opposite of what it claims to be. Jails make people more likely to commit crime, psych wards make people more crazy than when they went in, police make neighborhoods more unsafe, doctors make their patients sicker, loving people enslave their partners for glorification of the self, religions push “God” while happily enabling societies that murder babies and push filth on children and sex work on women and encourage men to hurt each other. This whole thing is a sick joke.

            I literally can’t be honest to most people, because I learned from a young age that honesty gets me punished and hurts people as people are incapable of being honest. When I lie to people, when I say things that make them feel good but are harmful, people love me. They think I’m a great person, they see me as some saint. When I’m honest and try to help people, they think I’m judging them or accusing them of something or saying I’m superior to them rather than trying to share a helpful perspective to somebody I’m trying to treat how I treat myself. This is not the case with everybody, but it is the case with everybody who is not a creative and is rich, successful, popular, or supposedly smart or respectable.

            This whole thing can’t last. We have reached an inflexion point. The lies have built up to a breaking point. The weather is literally saying this if you know how to see clearly. Society increasingly resembles some insane person’s sadistic mockery of what society could be like if most people were capable of not worshipping their feelings, of recognizing their feelings as “noise” that warps their perception of themselves as well as their reality. It’s fine to have noise, but only in the context of understanding what the signal beneath the noise is, not what nearly everybody I see is doing, which is beginning to believe the noise is the signal. This is the beginning of the end for most people, because most people are legitimately insane powder kegs just a few nudges away from doing explicitly horrible external things to each other in the hopes of assuaging their internal neurosis that keeps to be building and building at an exponential rate. Look around you, not with eyes that are looking to see how you can build an environment that makes you feel good all the time, but with eyes that want to see reality for what it is. And reality is hell, or increasingly resembling what humans conjure up the idea of hell being, which is something that makes them feel bad internally, because humans worship internal feelings which are mirages rather than real things which actually exist.

            It must be stated, for both my own benefit and amusement, that I am doing quite well in life. I’ve never felt more content or at peace. I am not going to do anything about the stuff I said except talk about it when I feel is appropriate. I’m not going to try to stop what is inevitable, even though I know it would make me feel good to try to stop the inevitable and it makes me feel really sick and horrible when I think about what the future holds for people who worship human feelings inside them and confuse those feelings for something profound. I hate what is going on, what most people are like, and how most people are like. I will enjoy it when this whole charade implodes, because suffering and pain are what most people deserve and that is what they will get, but I will also be tortured in my own way, which is having control over my emotions and not getting caught up in the bloodlust and chaos that is just around the corner. People thought 2021 with Corona mandates was bad, that was nothing. Being forced to relax and spend less time in restaurants is not torture. What is coming will make lockdown and mask mandates look like spring break.

            The worshippers of feelings who have created this world and all its deranged inverted value systems are completely insane at this point. Their logic is the logic of somebody who is completely out of touch with reality or the truth. They should be content and happy now, they have nice cars and houses and easy food and travel and the internet, but they’re increasingly mentally ill and miserable. They are hurting  themselves and trying to hurt people like me, but too stupid to do it because they can’t even model what I value or what is important to me, because they are blind lemmings running off a cliff thinking they are God. This is the beginning of the end for this world, not in the sense that most people think, but in a very real, very tangible, very horrible and very insane manner which will undo all the deranged and evil value systems that now hold all positions of power and influence in literally everything institutional and established in a “respectable” or “prestigious” manner.

            Once again, this is not something I’m writing in distress or due to being upset or angry. As I write this, I’m perfectly calm and lucid. I’m not worried about myself, as I know I’ll be fine. It is not accusing anybody of anything, it is just being as honest as I can knowing full well there will be people who see this and make snarky comments or think that I’m having a mental breakdown. I went crazy and had a psychotic break in 2017 while everybody else seemed sane, now I’m feeling completely sane, life is going well for me, and I’m watching the entire world go crazy and have a psychotic break. I’ll help the world as well as they helped me when I had problems. I'll just do it in a willful, conscious manner instead of worshipping my feelings. I don't care about saving stuff or people I find evil.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Red Heifers

         A red heifer is a specific sort of cow in Judaism, a female cow that has never been milked, yoked, or gotten pregnant. This cow is brought to priests to be used as a sacrifice to purify something else unclean, essentially as a vessel that gets murdered in order to spare something else. The term “red heifer” is a bit of poor nomenclature, as the cow does not really need to be red, it is more important that it is all one color and pure, the color being specified relates more to translations and the entropy involved in communication and naming than to what color that cow has to be. Some translations describe the red heifer as more yellow or brown than red, but this is all minutia that does not really matter, just stated for context and clarity more than anything important.

            With that out of the way, it must be noted that most people are essentially serving the role of a red heifer in the context of modern society. If you look at the eyes of most people, you won’t see anything human, but rather a dull bovine creature housed in human form. Most people are decrepit, their bodies being slowly destroyed by improper diet and lack of exercise and lack of fresh air. These “people” around you, the vast majority of them, are sacrificial animals in the process of being slaughtered. This slaughtering is not a cow being brought to a temple, this slaughtering is the majority of humanity being poisoned and degraded until they resemble what they are in their souls, which are disgusting, decaying, rotting, thoughtless slaves.

            The temple that these animals are being slaughtered in is not a literal temple, but rather a spiritual one that makes up society. This is not a holy temple for a holy religion. This is a satanic temple for a satanic religion. Just as this religion, the religion of money changers and soulless merchants, is decrepit and rotting and perverse, so is this religion’s method of sacrifice. Rather than finding an actual red heifer, or even people that are red heifers in spirit, these human sacrifices are just as decrepit and perverse as the priest class of this satanic religion we are in the midst of. As such, this sacrifice will not work, and this religion is on its way out.

            How long this sacrifice of blemished, tarnished, disgusting cow like humans can go on is not really something anybody can know, or at least not me, but it cannot go on forever. Bad sacrifices do not have their intended outcomes, as they are reflective of a priest class that have lost the knowledge of and access to whatever higher powers they are serving. For every bad sacrifice, the priest class loses more of its influence and power over their surroundings, as their sacrifices are not in line with the mechanics of sacrifice. No god or demon benefits adherents who are sloppy and unwise in how they go about their sacrifices, because sloppiness is indicative of lack of care or deference, indicative of unworthiness.

            We are in a society where bloated and rotting and decaying and stupid humans are being used as red heifers, which means this society is headed nowhere good. The pied piper is about to be paid, and there is a lot that needs to be paid to the pied piper. First, the sacrifices will be destroyed, as these sacrifices would not be sacrifices at all if they did not forfeit their humanity willingly in the first place. This can be understood in the literal sense as disease and further mental and physical ailments spreading at increasingly rapid paces. Most daughters will end up prostitutes for bad men. Most sons will end up in degrading jobs suited for slaves. Most mothers and fathers will be estranged from their sons and daughters.

            Once the sacrifices are destroyed, the priest class will be destroyed, as being a priest comes with responsibilities that carry heavy penalties for neglection just as much as being a priest comes with rewards for proper execution of duties. In the literal sense, this means the governments and managerial class are in the process of being stripped of their respect, wealth. You can already see this by the insane prevalence of messed up and self-destructive children of politicians, military contractors, media people, finance people, real estate people, and successful business people. As this priest class has forgotten the demon they serve and begun to believe their influence and wealth are the result of their greatness, this priest class is about to be damned as is inevitable for everybody who ever serves a demon for personal gain.

            What can those of us who are not decrepit parodies of red heifers or in the current ruling priest class do about all this? We can do nothing much, besides getting out of the way. This is not a society that can be saved. Most of our friends and family cannot be saved. To attempt to save those marked for damnation by forces beyond us is to invite our own damnation. It sucks, but there is no saving the majority of people at this point, as most people would prefer to be unhappy and keep their pretty lies all the way to hell rather than willingly make themselves uncomfortable in the short term in order to end up in a good place in the long term.

            There is nothing that can be done at this point, as we were born into a context where everything is too far along to really stop or prevent. Society is run by child sex traffickers and drug pushers and demons, and it will be this way for the rest of our lives. The democrats and republicans are equally corrupt, the democrats at least have the decency to do their evil in honesty while the republicans pretend to be pious and God fearing. The best thing for those of us who are not satanic parodies of red heifers to do is to separate from the satanic parodies of red heifers, to build things in line with what is proper, and to devote our energy not to saving the damned, but rather first saving ourselves and then saving those who are on the edge of damnation and desperately looking for somebody or something that is not damned to save them. What this looks like for each individual person is different, as each individual person has different talents and localized contexts in which they exist, but it is the objectively proper course of action. Revelation 18 is a good portion of the bible to read with regards to where humanity is at in the current moment, and where things are headed. I will be outside of the implosion when what has already happened invisibly manifests visibly, and I suggest anybody who is not a satanic parody of a red heifer situate themselves to do the same.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Zombie Synthetic Infrastructure

        Something which must be understood in the context with “collapse” or “rot” that is happening now that the psychic is dominant over the physical is that there is a lagging sort of delay for any of this collapse or rot to be apparent. I don’t even like to use the term collapse, because with collapse people envision race riots and Mad Max style anarchy rather than what it will be, which is critical trust in traditional authorities and institutions reaching a tipping point where not trusting those things, not relying on the law, is seen as the default and it’s “stupid” to think otherwise. By the time collapse is recognized by the general population, the advantages of knowing the old order has collapsed (which it has already) will be gone, and a new public structure of power will begin to manifest in a manner that is obvious to the general public, but already has its participants chosen and selected.

            Think of the piping that controls sewage, the wiring that supplies power, the satellites that ensure communication. All of these things are pretty well functioning in the first world. They’ve been built up and they’re currently maintained by companies that have decent people who know what they’re doing and are reasonably trustworthy, at least in terms of keeping infrastructure running at a base level. There is corruption and there are bad workers, but this has not yet gotten to the point where the systems are no longer maintained.

            What happens when the economy really crashes? Not crashes in the way it has in the past, where there is pain and suffering but that is temporary in nature and can be “fixed” in the short-term by government, but rather a real crash that can’t be fixed and doesn’t get better. What happens when fiat currency is no longer dominant over digital currency, when the profit incentives for good governance no longer exist, when the profit incentives for maintaining infrastructure don’t make any sense? What happens when white people are no longer hired in important roles, when it’s too dangerous to hire the proper people for infrastructure jobs as the social environment rewards hiring non-whites regardless of their qualifications? Does the infrastructure stop working right away? No, the infrastructure is functionally dead, and doomed, but it doesn’t reveal this and is instead zombie-like in nature, just like all the physical social institutions are now zombie-like in nature.

            What is happening now, but what isn’t obvious yet, is that the first world’s infrastructure is being taken over by people who will not preserve the infrastructure or understand how it works. The infrastructure is not revealing this, as the infrastructure is synthetic and thus still functions, but it will begin to reveal this as time goes on and maintenance is neglected. We take power and roads and waste disposal as “a priori” for first world life, but these things will become spotty and eventually completely dysfunctional for people who do not do a good job of detaching themselves from the current sources providing these services.

            We are in the zombie stage of Western Civilization. The social fabric is being destroyed, and this is more obvious because all the “nodes” of it are biological in nature, but the social fabric is not the only thing in Western Civilization that has been zombified. The social fabric is just a biological mold-like growth on top of the synthetic infrastructure underlying it. Because the synthetic infrastructure underlying it is dysfunctional and not planned well, it has developed human mold on top of it that will end up destroying it.

            How much longer do we have before the zombified nature of our synthetic infrastructure becomes obvious? I’m not sure, but I think it’s a while. I think it will probably take decades, if not generations, for what is beginning to occur now to play out in a way that is obvious on a structural level. I think I’ll be an old man or dead before what I write here is made clear, but I’m sure it will eventually be made clear. It’s not a matter of if -- it’s a matter of when.

            As stated before, the “collapse” won’t be some apocalyptic event driven by sudden absconsion of duty; the collapse is more the self-implosion of the general biological organisms that maintain infrastructure in any competent sense. In that sense, the collapse has already happened, it is just not visible yet. In the future, we can expect normalized blackouts, bad water, and dysfunctional safety and transportation in the majority of first world countries. The rich and prudent will decentralize and privatize their access to these things before the going gets really bad, but the infrastructure for the average man and woman and child will be quite subpar, in a way you or I or our parents can’t really fathom it being in the “first world”.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

This Is a Joke

             Something that I realize that most internet and social figures don’t realize is that online stuff is really a joke. It’s true that there’s lots of money to be made, lots of social energy to be harvested, lots of status and opportunities that are available to successful internet people, but the stakes to internet ventures are extremely weighted to the upside. The worst that can really happen, if you’re not a moron who hits yourself or destroys yourself because of online stuff, is that you get banned or made fun of online. The nature of online “careerism” is extremely isolated from the real world until you get to the point where it’s so easy to make money from your reputation that the real world consequences don’t really matter for online behavior. There are exceptions to this, of course, with regards to political endeavors that are a hybrid of online and offline life, but this is the exception that proves the rule.

            If you’ve ever been around actually bad people, actually dangerous people – if you’ve ever watched somebody get stabbed or had their face beaten in or some girl get pounded on by her husband or bf while he’s on coke or crack– then you realize just how low the stakes of the internet are. Because the internet is a fairly affluent and new phenomenon, the people who are content creators are generally not from the underclass where failures are actually dangerous or hurtful in a real sense, so people online think of being made fun of or mocked as some horrible outcome when it’s really not.  The “failure mode” of the internet is being a laughingstock to middle class people too obsessed with the internet and internet culture, not anything serious.

            While I am from a good background and have had a good life, not opulent or trustfund kid tier but actually good, I have had a decent amount of experience with more seedy people and seedy situations, so internet stuff has been shown for what it is, which is a joke. Unlike the pseudo-intellectuals trying to do what I do with ease, I know what actually bad consequences are, what it means to be in a life or death situation, so I know internet stuff is the future. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars with relative ease, just like with selling or transporting drugs, without having to be around drug addicts or getting in trouble with the law. You don’t have to worry about being robbed, you don’t have to worry about being arrested, and you don’t have to worry about getting killed.

            As stated prior, the internet is currently a middle class phenomenon. Most successful content creators are pretty coddled and na├»ve people, because these are the people who got access to technology and social networks and had the time to invest energy into them and are now raking in the cash. This won’t always be the case, because these people are mentally weak and easily beaten by people who are willing to be cruel and mean and aggressive because they’ve dealt with real cruelty and meanness and aggressiveness in the real world.

            We are still in the infancy of the internet, where people can get by and win and develop reputations by sucking off other mediocrities and basically approaching their “media strategy” as people on the West Coast traditionally approach “media strategy”. The reason the West Coast fake niceness and hug circles are normalized on the internet is that is how traditional media worked, because the traditional media was controlled by chokepoints of nepotistic figures controlling production and distribution of media. You had to be nice to people, you had to suck off people “higher up” in media circles, because those people were friends with producers and editors and publishers. That isn’t the case now, which is why I’ve been so successful in my endeavors, but most people don’t realize this means you can afford to treat internet circles and “respected” people like trash. These people are not people you need to woo, these people are people you degrade and trash and humiliate and take from. They no longer control access to publishing or distribution.

            I am the start of the first wave of people like me, people who are antisocial and not particularly interested in big tent acceptance or respect. Being antisocial is not the only thing that is required to win long term on the internet -- you also have to have something worth saying. Empty platitudes and talk about peace and love and unity, which is what most current content creators do, will be increasingly shown to be hollow and foolish. The pretty lies that the middle class content creators were raised with and implicitly believe will be stripped bare and revealed to be lies, they will be trashed by people like me for fun and profit. I’ve been extremely rude and crass to people who have institutional support on the internet, and this is not just because I don’t respect them, but because I know I don’t need them and can use them as a punching bag to elevate myself. While I am one of the first people doing this, I’m not all that special outside of being one of the first people to do this. My strategy, which is not really my strategy at all and just me acting in line with actual incentives and system structures, will be shown to be correct and effective and will be adopted by many people like me, in all sorts of creative fields. Again, the internet is a joke, you can attack people and be rude to people and disrespectful to the current “ruling class” and get away with it in ways you couldn’t prior to the decentralization of information distribution.

            None of what any of us post is going to change history or save or damn the world. No podcast, no blogpost, no interview is going to alter destiny or fate on a grand scale. The sooner you internalize this, the sooner you can express yourself without fear of messing up or pissing off the “wrong” person. This isn’t to say to be antagonistic for no reason or pick fights for no reason, but that the stakes to everything you’re doing are extremely low. Apply derision and attack people in a way that can benefit you, and don’t really worry about being “locked out” of influence or wealth. The breaks are off the train, eventually everybody will realize what I’m writing in this essay, and the quicker you realize this the more of an advantage you will have over the latecomers.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Brief Overview of Money

    The question “what is money?” is one that seems to have stumped everybody, which is fine but is also funny because the answer is very simple: Money in its platonic form is simply measurement of energy expended. Of course, human representations of platonic forms are imperfect, and this can be seen in the way money is imperfect. This is still very vague to those who do not yet understand what I mean when I say money in its platonic form is simply measurement of energy expended, so I will spend this essay doing my best to elaborate and make this understanding more concrete.

In order to understand money, or rather what human money is attempting to be, it is useful to understand barter and notational systems, or analog ledgers that were/are used before or in concert with money. The reason it is useful to understand is that people who don’t have a solid grasp on money will say “money is not a representation of energy expended, because before money we had barter and ledgers” which doesn’t really mean anything except for exposing them for not understanding what money is.

Barter, the exchange of one good or service for another good or service, is a very analog and clunky interface with money. Both sides of the bartering are essentially offering up some representation of energy expended, in some unique form. If I offer to trade you 100 chickens for 1 cow, I am essentially stating that the energy that went into procuring/maintaining those 100 chickens is equivalent to or less than the energy that it took to procure/maintain your cow. If you agree to this trade, then you have a similar view of the exchange. There are complications to this, as sometimes to trade my chickens for a cow is something forward looking in nature, and for that reason I might give you more chickens than I think the cow is worth, if you have a monopoly on cows and I can put a cow to use in extracting from and applying its “energy” more than I could do so with my chickens. This is still essentially just trading measurements of energy for energy, although in this case the trade takes the future into account, as this barter involves yield bearing assets.

Old fashioned, non-cryptocurrency ledger systems that were/are used in concert with (and before) currency are just another form of exchanging measurements of energy expended, just with an authority or intermediary in the process. It is essentially barter -- but with a bit more complex system and a bit more abstracted. As it is more abstracted than pure barter, it allows for more precise calculations and more precise planning by humans. Still, it is imperfect as the ledgers which record assets such as livestock or property or slaves or anything else are partially static in nature (not accurately representing the value of the morphing quality of assets over time) and still linked to imperfect physical representations of the platonic form of money. Also, needing to trust a centralized authority to keep a ledger opens up the interface with money to all forms of fraud and human greed/imperfection which warps and interferes with proper incentives.

Gold was/is an extension of barter, as it was/is useful for more standardized abstraction towards the platonic form of money. There is a fairly predictable “emissions” rate for gold, as it is mined and not made from other materials. As it is more “stable” and mutually understandable in a way that chicken farmers and cow farmers don’t have mutual understanding, it was a more feasible interface tool for a system of trading energy expended.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s important to understand “trading energy expended”, which is a vague concept. Essentially, money in its working form is a tool for measuring energy expended, and being able to transfer that measurement across time. The better the form of money, the better energy expended can be measured and preserved across time, the better human participants can develop psychic and social systems, the more complex those systems can become. The reason these psychic and social systems can become increasingly complex with increasingly sound money is because if you can trust some form of money, you can plan into the future, store up “expended energy” units, and escape local maxima for immediate planning. This is why inflation is so pernicious, why central planning for currency is so pernicious, because the less trustworthy and less integrity based your money is, the more natural incentives and complex systems based on incentives become warped and dysfunctional over time, as the “expended energy” units are warping and changing in representation as time goes on.

Money is an invisible concept, it is a psychic organism of sorts that humans have “invented” to better structure more complex systems that work back and forth across time. Gold, bartering, ledgers, fiat, or anything else are not really money, they are interfaces with money. They are tools we use to interact with the platonic form of money, and as they are imperfect tools, our interaction with the platonic form of money is also imperfect. There are positives and negatives to each imperfect tool, as imperfections allow for organisms and structures that wouldn’t thrive to thrive in certain contexts, but these imperfections are malignant and harmful in other contexts. It’s really a matter of perspective and scale.

Zooming out, what you see is money is a sort of vague measurement of energy expended, that humans have been working towards interfacing with via increasingly efficient methods. We had barter, we had old fashioned ledgers, we had gold, we had fiat, and now we are starting to get crypto-currency. Each of these things are essentially humanity abstracting our understanding of money closer and closer to the platonic form of money, what money really is. Where we had cows and gold and paper issued by centralized, monopolized banks, we are starting to have decentralized psychic networks (enabled by the internet) that are sucking in the “value” of less efficient and less abstracted interfaces with money.

Just like time isn’t real (it’s a measurement of iterations of now rather than a “force”) but most people think it is, we have personified money into some real thing instead of a measurement of energy expended that can be carried across time and traded for increased efficiency in human relations and operations. This, I suspect, is because if you understand money you free yourself from debt slavery and other forms of servitude, but whatever the reason is, is kind of irrelevant. Through understanding money as an abstract energy pool and human money as not money at all but rather interfaces with money, you can better understand how everything works. This essay is pretty basic and clear, but it is still abstract and vague in a way that might be hard for most people to understand. This is OK, I will be writing more on this topic in the future. Just know that if you can wrap your head around human forms of economy being imperfect attempts to interface with energy expended and carry measurements of that energy expended across time, the world will open up to you in a seemingly magical way and your understanding of pretty much everything will be enriched.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Benefits of Onlyfans

 (excerpt from page 20)

            Prostitution is the oldest profession, and now prostitution has begun to be normalized on the internet. At first it was cam-sites, where women would strip naked and perform sexual acts in front of a webcam in exchange for digital money. Hundreds of thousands – if not millions -- of men and teenage boys enjoy cam-sites on a daily basis, and have for years. However, the explicit nature of cam-sites and the women on them, known as camwhores, has made cam-sites stay in a relatively underground and shameful status.

Up until very recently selling pornographic material was something that people tried to keep secret and not link their real life identity to, but that has all changed with the introduction of Onlyfans. Marketed as a more coy, more clean version of a sexual service, women (or men) can upload images and videos of themselves behind a paywall. These images and photos are almost always explicit, but because Onlyfans does not advertise smut or have a pornographic vibe, many women who look down on prostitutes or explicit camwhores have started accounts on Onlyfans and begun monetizing themselves in a sexual manner, publicly advertising this on their social media accounts like twitter and instagram.

This further debasement of women as a whole, the reduction of them from implicit sexual objects to explicit ones, has been rapidly profound, where what is clearly whoring has been normalized in the matter of years. Onlyfans is one of the most profitable internet companies of the past few years, and it doesn’t look like the manner in which it is growing will stop anytime soon. If anything, soon being an internet prostitute will be seen as something completely acceptable to all but the most conservative communities.

While all of this may seem like a negative, and it is clearly disruptive and degrading on the whole, there are some upsides to Onlyfans catching on in the manner it has. We are watching that which could only be inferred turn into that which can’t be ignored. What I mean by this is that there used to be a degree of uncertainty with regards to a woman’s character. She might or might not be a whore, might or might not have had good parents that care about her and were smart in how they raised her, she might or might not be a valuable member of society worth pursuing in a romantic manner. Now, the mystery is gone. If a woman has not had good parents or is not a quality individual, it is easy to see. Trash women will not hide their trashiness anymore. Women who are of low moral character and were ruined as children are obvious now.

This same revealing of the previously concealed can be seen with regards to men to. Now more than ever there are opportunities to be a weak man. A man can get addicted to porn or some camwhore and support whoring on Onlyfans. There is so much sexual deviancy out there to lead any undisciplined man to become distracted as well as stupid and unproductive. In this way, women who do not succumb to the trappings of easy money through sexual immorality are able to more easily determine which men are suitable potential partners.

What we are seeing now is an age where people who are thoughtless are making fools of themselves, debasing themselves, and becoming slaves to their unhinged desires. Women are opting to become virtual prostitutes and men are opting to support women becoming virtual prostitutes. In the past, there was enough hassle involved in this sort of exchange that many people who would have fallen prey to the trappings of the current reality were able to succeed not based on their internal strengths but rather the limitations of the world around them. Now, the people who will succeed have to have a certain internal strength that allows them not to get caught up in smut and “easy money.”

Now, we will really start to see who has a genuine moral compass and who just got lucky. The time for accidental long-term success is quickly disappearing and being replaced with an environment that rewards individuals who are meticulous and consistent in their behaviors. Sure, it is disappointing that women have allowed themselves to become so debased and objectified, but it’s better to have the truth than some myth that leads people to act in a deluded manner with regards to the true nature of themselves and others.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Psychic Organisms, Compression, and Physical Conflict

             Something I have expressed elsewhere and was sure I had written earlier but cannot find anything else on, is the topic of psychic organisms and their outgrowth and how they function. As I can’t find any longform essays on this, I will write this essay. There is a possibility that I am just missing what I have already written, and if that is the case then this will be quite redundant and thus not really needing to be wrote, so you have my apologies.

            As I have stated before, the psychic is upstream from the physical. That means, essentially, that the physical world and the physical creatures and structures we see in the world are time-lagged symptoms of the invisible, or psychic. This is not entirely one way in how it is structured as there are feedback loops involved in physical things which interact and modify the psychic dimension. Broadly and roughly speaking though, the physical world is a distorted and funhouse mirror of the psychic world. This is why symbols, figures, and signs can be seen or read as omens or divine messages by those more attuned to the non-visible and non-secular aspects of our reality, which contains both the psychic and physical dimensions.

            Something which must be understood about physical conflict is it is conflict between two physical organisms which are really controlled by psychic forces. These physical organisms can be singular, in the case of one man in a bar fighting another man in a bar, or they can be non-singular, such as one army from one country engaging in warfare with another army from another country. This conflict can also be implicit rather than explicit conflict, such as Pepsi and Coca Cola fighting each other for market-share through advertising, distribution, etc., but for the purposes of this essay I will simply focus on the more violent or traditional forms of physical conflict between two (although there can be many more than two in a conflict) organisms.

            In physical conflict, two fundamentally incompatible organisms have collided against each other in some manner. Whether they have chosen to collide against each other or they have been forced together is irrelevant, the fact remains that what is happening is two fundamentally incompatible organisms have collided against each other. The reasons these organisms are fundamentally incompatible vary, but they can be abstracted further into a singular reason: they both seek to perform some function in a specific space which is fundamentally incompatible with the function in a specific space which the opposing organism seeks to perform.

            As stated prior, the scale of conflict varies between conflicts. There are small conflicts which result in a broken nose, there are large conflicts which result in the death of hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. What must be remembered is that what is happening is two fundamentally incompatible organisms are attacking each other for some reason.

            In the case of war or larger conflict than a bar fight, what must further be understood is that prior to the conflict, these physical organisms have been given space to grow in complexity and function in a manner which is increasingly incompatible with each other. The only reason this has happened, the only reason wars can happen, is there is time and space that allows for this independent development and growth. If these organisms were always pressed against each other, these two organisms could not grow incompatible forms or structures, they would either grow in a compatible manner or one would smother the other before any real conflict could occur.

            What I described in the prior paragraph is why different regions of America tend to breed different personality types. When somebody who has grown up in one region of America moves to a distinctly different region of America, there are often differences in interpersonal interactions which can be jarring or incompatible to both the mover and the natives in the mover’s new region. This is because the psychic organism inside the physical organism of the mover has had time and space to grow and develop its structure and functions in a manner in which is fundamentally at odds with the structure and functions of psychic organisms inside physical organisms which exist in the region where the mover has moved. This, of course, is not limited to America and can be overcome over time as the mover’s psychic organism interacts with non-movers’ psychic organisms.

            Back to physical conflict, it can now be understood that wars or large scale fights result from psychic organisms allowed to grow and develop structures and functions which are incompatible when in contact with each other physically. The physical geography and psychic geography which separate (or more accurately in the case of psychic geography – separated) them allows for fundamentally incompatible organisms to develop and grow until eventual conflict.

            As I have written prior, it is important to realize that up until recently psychic geography was secondary or rather tied to physical geography, and with the invention of the internet and global, instantaneous transfer and duplication of information, psychic geography has been severed from its umbilical cord which tied it to physical geography. What’s more, psychic geography is being spatially compressed into a non-physical, singular, infinitesimally small point. What this means is that psychic organisms which proceed physical organisms are no longer growing in a manner which they used to grow, and that psychic organisms and their time-lagged physical organisms now exist in a psychic landscape (or rather lack thereof) which is radically different and will increasingly punish or kill them. We are in the death throes of physical conflict, because the psychic conditions required to allow for physical organisms to grow to the point of physical conflict are decaying at an exponential rate. This is why all the social movements and political factions are becoming increasingly impotent and failing to grow to magnitudes which they used to be able to grow: the psychic landscape has been greatly compressed and is increasingly being compressed, forcing psychic organisms housed inside physical organisms together into a fight to the death where all will eventually die no matter who wins.

            This is why agility has become dominant over strength, because strength will no longer be able to grow to the point of exerting control or dominating agility. Of course, strong and disciplined agility is superior to weak and undisciplined agility, just as disciplined strength is superior to undisciplined strength, but with the severing of the aforementioned umbilical cord, we can see undisciplined agility beginning to dominate disciplined strength, which is a fundamental shift that has never before been the case globally, which is partially why everything seems so deranged and out of whack. The winning and losing strategies have been flipped in a fundamental manner: feminine traits have begun to dominate masculine traits.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Psychic Geography

(essay from pages 37-40)

  In the past, intelligent people flocked to cities. This was because that was where most of the resources and business opportunities were. The only way to get to have a good career or advance in life was by being in a city. These smart individuals would then make the city even stronger and provide jobs for people who were more typical wageslaves, such as low level blue and white collar workers who also moved into the cities. This sort of gravitational pull of IQ and worth was seen especially strong on coasts with shipping ports like New York City, since the high volume of sailors and goods being moved back and forth ensured a solid and consistent consumer base that could be monetized at a level that provided lots of business opportunities.

Up until recently, physical geography was by and far the main factor for how capital would flow and pool up. That is not the case now. We live in an era of drop-shipping and Amazon. With the proliferation of the internet, smart people (and even dumb people) can now make a near unlimited money from almost anywhere in the world. There is no requirement to live in a city in order to be a benefit of high-volume foot traffic. What this means is that there is no good reason to be living in most cities and that cities are slowly getting even worse living conditions than they used to have, because most of the people moving to cities are idiots who fell for hype.

The new geography that matters as far as commerce goes is psychic in nature rather than physical. Physical attributes like personal appearance, verbal and emotional IQ, and business sense which is linked to general intelligence all matter in the sense that they will effect an individual’s ability to succeed in digital goods and marketing enterprises, but as of very recently, it became more logical for rich and successful people to live in small but functional towns with clean air and less foot traffic. Now, people running multi-million dollar enterprises can do so from a place with a population of only a few thousand individuals, which they can then treat extremely well because their buying power is comparative to a highly successful big city company without its rent and other business expenses.

Physical cities are just going to get worse and worse as more and more people realize how the new game works. Eventually it will be mainly low IQ immigrants and women who are chasing the fumes of a dream who live in cities. It’s already this case for a lot of cities. Combine this with the eventual welfare and other forms of assistance that will slowly start to pop up which enable the lesser abled like the homeless and drug addicts (usually the same thing on a long enough time frame) to stay in these quickly degrading cities and you see a sort of pattern emerging, and that pattern is screaming for you to find some small town to set down roots in while focusing on internet based businesses and abandoning the physical grind that is occupied by failures and mediocrities who will waste all their life living in physical smog and filth.

What does it take to be successful in the new psychic geography? Well, look at how physical geography used to function then apply that model to the digital one. Look for high traffic areas such as social medias and set up shop there, building an audience and reputation for something of quality. Then, overcharge. The price for whatever you are selling will put some people off initially, but over time you will perversely start to be seen as higher quality than people who do the same thing at a lower price. This will form its own sort of gravitational pull, the same one you see with consumer “luxury” brands and over time end up with you making more sales and having a better reputation than you otherwise would have. Then, you should roll some larger percentage of your profits into constant advertising and expansion into whatever psychic geography you are essentially taking over until you have established your own chunk of digital space in some highly trafficked area. You will have become your own psychic city inside psychic cities if you play your cards right and really figure out how to play the new landscape correctly. There are very few building permits or geographical bottlenecks in this new reality, so you can try a multitude of related or unrelated strategies at the same time until you find something that succeeds.

We live in a new era. Only suckers and people who are happy to suck up to bosses and be physically and verbally abused are working in the physical world at this point. They’re not bad people, but they’re people who will be used and taken advantage of until they get burnt out or die. The world will take whatever it can from you, but it will also give you what you work towards in a smart manner, and what is smart now is bringing strategies that worked for businesses in the cities in the past into the psychic world and using them to your advantage. Most of the successful online individuals don’t really understand how they’re succeeding and are winning the game only on the surface level. You can do much better than them with just a small amount of planning and steady execution of that planning. All it takes is time and true understanding of how our new reality is now functioning.