Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Benefits of Onlyfans

 (excerpt from page 20)

            Prostitution is the oldest profession, and now prostitution has begun to be normalized on the internet. At first it was cam-sites, where women would strip naked and perform sexual acts in front of a webcam in exchange for digital money. Hundreds of thousands – if not millions -- of men and teenage boys enjoy cam-sites on a daily basis, and have for years. However, the explicit nature of cam-sites and the women on them, known as camwhores, has made cam-sites stay in a relatively underground and shameful status.

Up until very recently selling pornographic material was something that people tried to keep secret and not link their real life identity to, but that has all changed with the introduction of Onlyfans. Marketed as a more coy, more clean version of a sexual service, women (or men) can upload images and videos of themselves behind a paywall. These images and photos are almost always explicit, but because Onlyfans does not advertise smut or have a pornographic vibe, many women who look down on prostitutes or explicit camwhores have started accounts on Onlyfans and begun monetizing themselves in a sexual manner, publicly advertising this on their social media accounts like twitter and instagram.

This further debasement of women as a whole, the reduction of them from implicit sexual objects to explicit ones, has been rapidly profound, where what is clearly whoring has been normalized in the matter of years. Onlyfans is one of the most profitable internet companies of the past few years, and it doesn’t look like the manner in which it is growing will stop anytime soon. If anything, soon being an internet prostitute will be seen as something completely acceptable to all but the most conservative communities.

While all of this may seem like a negative, and it is clearly disruptive and degrading on the whole, there are some upsides to Onlyfans catching on in the manner it has. We are watching that which could only be inferred turn into that which can’t be ignored. What I mean by this is that there used to be a degree of uncertainty with regards to a woman’s character. She might or might not be a whore, might or might not have had good parents that care about her and were smart in how they raised her, she might or might not be a valuable member of society worth pursuing in a romantic manner. Now, the mystery is gone. If a woman has not had good parents or is not a quality individual, it is easy to see. Trash women will not hide their trashiness anymore. Women who are of low moral character and were ruined as children are obvious now.

This same revealing of the previously concealed can be seen with regards to men to. Now more than ever there are opportunities to be a weak man. A man can get addicted to porn or some camwhore and support whoring on Onlyfans. There is so much sexual deviancy out there to lead any undisciplined man to become distracted as well as stupid and unproductive. In this way, women who do not succumb to the trappings of easy money through sexual immorality are able to more easily determine which men are suitable potential partners.

What we are seeing now is an age where people who are thoughtless are making fools of themselves, debasing themselves, and becoming slaves to their unhinged desires. Women are opting to become virtual prostitutes and men are opting to support women becoming virtual prostitutes. In the past, there was enough hassle involved in this sort of exchange that many people who would have fallen prey to the trappings of the current reality were able to succeed not based on their internal strengths but rather the limitations of the world around them. Now, the people who will succeed have to have a certain internal strength that allows them not to get caught up in smut and “easy money.”

Now, we will really start to see who has a genuine moral compass and who just got lucky. The time for accidental long-term success is quickly disappearing and being replaced with an environment that rewards individuals who are meticulous and consistent in their behaviors. Sure, it is disappointing that women have allowed themselves to become so debased and objectified, but it’s better to have the truth than some myth that leads people to act in a deluded manner with regards to the true nature of themselves and others.


  1. The current debacles of our time are creating a path only few can follow, the whole world is now in such a way that only the righteous can prosper. We are in the prelude to a Great Age ruled by philosophers; the age to come will be sang about until the fall of time's curtain.

    1. tbh I think we're in a prelude to an age ruled by tyrants and abusers as more and more people are locked into mental slavery from digital tools for entertainment and digital distribution of information