Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Psychic Organisms, Compression, and Physical Conflict

             Something I have expressed elsewhere and was sure I had written earlier but cannot find anything else on, is the topic of psychic organisms and their outgrowth and how they function. As I can’t find any longform essays on this, I will write this essay. There is a possibility that I am just missing what I have already written, and if that is the case then this will be quite redundant and thus not really needing to be wrote, so you have my apologies.

            As I have stated before, the psychic is upstream from the physical. That means, essentially, that the physical world and the physical creatures and structures we see in the world are time-lagged symptoms of the invisible, or psychic. This is not entirely one way in how it is structured as there are feedback loops involved in physical things which interact and modify the psychic dimension. Broadly and roughly speaking though, the physical world is a distorted and funhouse mirror of the psychic world. This is why symbols, figures, and signs can be seen or read as omens or divine messages by those more attuned to the non-visible and non-secular aspects of our reality, which contains both the psychic and physical dimensions.

            Something which must be understood about physical conflict is it is conflict between two physical organisms which are really controlled by psychic forces. These physical organisms can be singular, in the case of one man in a bar fighting another man in a bar, or they can be non-singular, such as one army from one country engaging in warfare with another army from another country. This conflict can also be implicit rather than explicit conflict, such as Pepsi and Coca Cola fighting each other for market-share through advertising, distribution, etc., but for the purposes of this essay I will simply focus on the more violent or traditional forms of physical conflict between two (although there can be many more than two in a conflict) organisms.

            In physical conflict, two fundamentally incompatible organisms have collided against each other in some manner. Whether they have chosen to collide against each other or they have been forced together is irrelevant, the fact remains that what is happening is two fundamentally incompatible organisms have collided against each other. The reasons these organisms are fundamentally incompatible vary, but they can be abstracted further into a singular reason: they both seek to perform some function in a specific space which is fundamentally incompatible with the function in a specific space which the opposing organism seeks to perform.

            As stated prior, the scale of conflict varies between conflicts. There are small conflicts which result in a broken nose, there are large conflicts which result in the death of hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. What must be remembered is that what is happening is two fundamentally incompatible organisms are attacking each other for some reason.

            In the case of war or larger conflict than a bar fight, what must further be understood is that prior to the conflict, these physical organisms have been given space to grow in complexity and function in a manner which is increasingly incompatible with each other. The only reason this has happened, the only reason wars can happen, is there is time and space that allows for this independent development and growth. If these organisms were always pressed against each other, these two organisms could not grow incompatible forms or structures, they would either grow in a compatible manner or one would smother the other before any real conflict could occur.

            What I described in the prior paragraph is why different regions of America tend to breed different personality types. When somebody who has grown up in one region of America moves to a distinctly different region of America, there are often differences in interpersonal interactions which can be jarring or incompatible to both the mover and the natives in the mover’s new region. This is because the psychic organism inside the physical organism of the mover has had time and space to grow and develop its structure and functions in a manner in which is fundamentally at odds with the structure and functions of psychic organisms inside physical organisms which exist in the region where the mover has moved. This, of course, is not limited to America and can be overcome over time as the mover’s psychic organism interacts with non-movers’ psychic organisms.

            Back to physical conflict, it can now be understood that wars or large scale fights result from psychic organisms allowed to grow and develop structures and functions which are incompatible when in contact with each other physically. The physical geography and psychic geography which separate (or more accurately in the case of psychic geography – separated) them allows for fundamentally incompatible organisms to develop and grow until eventual conflict.

            As I have written prior, it is important to realize that up until recently psychic geography was secondary or rather tied to physical geography, and with the invention of the internet and global, instantaneous transfer and duplication of information, psychic geography has been severed from its umbilical cord which tied it to physical geography. What’s more, psychic geography is being spatially compressed into a non-physical, singular, infinitesimally small point. What this means is that psychic organisms which proceed physical organisms are no longer growing in a manner which they used to grow, and that psychic organisms and their time-lagged physical organisms now exist in a psychic landscape (or rather lack thereof) which is radically different and will increasingly punish or kill them. We are in the death throes of physical conflict, because the psychic conditions required to allow for physical organisms to grow to the point of physical conflict are decaying at an exponential rate. This is why all the social movements and political factions are becoming increasingly impotent and failing to grow to magnitudes which they used to be able to grow: the psychic landscape has been greatly compressed and is increasingly being compressed, forcing psychic organisms housed inside physical organisms together into a fight to the death where all will eventually die no matter who wins.

            This is why agility has become dominant over strength, because strength will no longer be able to grow to the point of exerting control or dominating agility. Of course, strong and disciplined agility is superior to weak and undisciplined agility, just as disciplined strength is superior to undisciplined strength, but with the severing of the aforementioned umbilical cord, we can see undisciplined agility beginning to dominate disciplined strength, which is a fundamental shift that has never before been the case globally, which is partially why everything seems so deranged and out of whack. The winning and losing strategies have been flipped in a fundamental manner: feminine traits have begun to dominate masculine traits.

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