Friday, May 28, 2021

Zombie Synthetic Infrastructure

        Something which must be understood in the context with “collapse” or “rot” that is happening now that the psychic is dominant over the physical is that there is a lagging sort of delay for any of this collapse or rot to be apparent. I don’t even like to use the term collapse, because with collapse people envision race riots and Mad Max style anarchy rather than what it will be, which is critical trust in traditional authorities and institutions reaching a tipping point where not trusting those things, not relying on the law, is seen as the default and it’s “stupid” to think otherwise. By the time collapse is recognized by the general population, the advantages of knowing the old order has collapsed (which it has already) will be gone, and a new public structure of power will begin to manifest in a manner that is obvious to the general public, but already has its participants chosen and selected.

            Think of the piping that controls sewage, the wiring that supplies power, the satellites that ensure communication. All of these things are pretty well functioning in the first world. They’ve been built up and they’re currently maintained by companies that have decent people who know what they’re doing and are reasonably trustworthy, at least in terms of keeping infrastructure running at a base level. There is corruption and there are bad workers, but this has not yet gotten to the point where the systems are no longer maintained.

            What happens when the economy really crashes? Not crashes in the way it has in the past, where there is pain and suffering but that is temporary in nature and can be “fixed” in the short-term by government, but rather a real crash that can’t be fixed and doesn’t get better. What happens when fiat currency is no longer dominant over digital currency, when the profit incentives for good governance no longer exist, when the profit incentives for maintaining infrastructure don’t make any sense? What happens when white people are no longer hired in important roles, when it’s too dangerous to hire the proper people for infrastructure jobs as the social environment rewards hiring non-whites regardless of their qualifications? Does the infrastructure stop working right away? No, the infrastructure is functionally dead, and doomed, but it doesn’t reveal this and is instead zombie-like in nature, just like all the physical social institutions are now zombie-like in nature.

            What is happening now, but what isn’t obvious yet, is that the first world’s infrastructure is being taken over by people who will not preserve the infrastructure or understand how it works. The infrastructure is not revealing this, as the infrastructure is synthetic and thus still functions, but it will begin to reveal this as time goes on and maintenance is neglected. We take power and roads and waste disposal as “a priori” for first world life, but these things will become spotty and eventually completely dysfunctional for people who do not do a good job of detaching themselves from the current sources providing these services.

            We are in the zombie stage of Western Civilization. The social fabric is being destroyed, and this is more obvious because all the “nodes” of it are biological in nature, but the social fabric is not the only thing in Western Civilization that has been zombified. The social fabric is just a biological mold-like growth on top of the synthetic infrastructure underlying it. Because the synthetic infrastructure underlying it is dysfunctional and not planned well, it has developed human mold on top of it that will end up destroying it.

            How much longer do we have before the zombified nature of our synthetic infrastructure becomes obvious? I’m not sure, but I think it’s a while. I think it will probably take decades, if not generations, for what is beginning to occur now to play out in a way that is obvious on a structural level. I think I’ll be an old man or dead before what I write here is made clear, but I’m sure it will eventually be made clear. It’s not a matter of if -- it’s a matter of when.

            As stated before, the “collapse” won’t be some apocalyptic event driven by sudden absconsion of duty; the collapse is more the self-implosion of the general biological organisms that maintain infrastructure in any competent sense. In that sense, the collapse has already happened, it is just not visible yet. In the future, we can expect normalized blackouts, bad water, and dysfunctional safety and transportation in the majority of first world countries. The rich and prudent will decentralize and privatize their access to these things before the going gets really bad, but the infrastructure for the average man and woman and child will be quite subpar, in a way you or I or our parents can’t really fathom it being in the “first world”.