Monday, July 5, 2021

Red Heifers

         A red heifer is a specific sort of cow in Judaism, a female cow that has never been milked, yoked, or gotten pregnant. This cow is brought to priests to be used as a sacrifice to purify something else unclean, essentially as a vessel that gets murdered in order to spare something else. The term “red heifer” is a bit of poor nomenclature, as the cow does not really need to be red, it is more important that it is all one color and pure, the color being specified relates more to translations and the entropy involved in communication and naming than to what color that cow has to be. Some translations describe the red heifer as more yellow or brown than red, but this is all minutia that does not really matter, just stated for context and clarity more than anything important.

            With that out of the way, it must be noted that most people are essentially serving the role of a red heifer in the context of modern society. If you look at the eyes of most people, you won’t see anything human, but rather a dull bovine creature housed in human form. Most people are decrepit, their bodies being slowly destroyed by improper diet and lack of exercise and lack of fresh air. These “people” around you, the vast majority of them, are sacrificial animals in the process of being slaughtered. This slaughtering is not a cow being brought to a temple, this slaughtering is the majority of humanity being poisoned and degraded until they resemble what they are in their souls, which are disgusting, decaying, rotting, thoughtless slaves.

            The temple that these animals are being slaughtered in is not a literal temple, but rather a spiritual one that makes up society. This is not a holy temple for a holy religion. This is a satanic temple for a satanic religion. Just as this religion, the religion of money changers and soulless merchants, is decrepit and rotting and perverse, so is this religion’s method of sacrifice. Rather than finding an actual red heifer, or even people that are red heifers in spirit, these human sacrifices are just as decrepit and perverse as the priest class of this satanic religion we are in the midst of. As such, this sacrifice will not work, and this religion is on its way out.

            How long this sacrifice of blemished, tarnished, disgusting cow like humans can go on is not really something anybody can know, or at least not me, but it cannot go on forever. Bad sacrifices do not have their intended outcomes, as they are reflective of a priest class that have lost the knowledge of and access to whatever higher powers they are serving. For every bad sacrifice, the priest class loses more of its influence and power over their surroundings, as their sacrifices are not in line with the mechanics of sacrifice. No god or demon benefits adherents who are sloppy and unwise in how they go about their sacrifices, because sloppiness is indicative of lack of care or deference, indicative of unworthiness.

            We are in a society where bloated and rotting and decaying and stupid humans are being used as red heifers, which means this society is headed nowhere good. The pied piper is about to be paid, and there is a lot that needs to be paid to the pied piper. First, the sacrifices will be destroyed, as these sacrifices would not be sacrifices at all if they did not forfeit their humanity willingly in the first place. This can be understood in the literal sense as disease and further mental and physical ailments spreading at increasingly rapid paces. Most daughters will end up prostitutes for bad men. Most sons will end up in degrading jobs suited for slaves. Most mothers and fathers will be estranged from their sons and daughters.

            Once the sacrifices are destroyed, the priest class will be destroyed, as being a priest comes with responsibilities that carry heavy penalties for neglection just as much as being a priest comes with rewards for proper execution of duties. In the literal sense, this means the governments and managerial class are in the process of being stripped of their respect, wealth. You can already see this by the insane prevalence of messed up and self-destructive children of politicians, military contractors, media people, finance people, real estate people, and successful business people. As this priest class has forgotten the demon they serve and begun to believe their influence and wealth are the result of their greatness, this priest class is about to be damned as is inevitable for everybody who ever serves a demon for personal gain.

            What can those of us who are not decrepit parodies of red heifers or in the current ruling priest class do about all this? We can do nothing much, besides getting out of the way. This is not a society that can be saved. Most of our friends and family cannot be saved. To attempt to save those marked for damnation by forces beyond us is to invite our own damnation. It sucks, but there is no saving the majority of people at this point, as most people would prefer to be unhappy and keep their pretty lies all the way to hell rather than willingly make themselves uncomfortable in the short term in order to end up in a good place in the long term.

            There is nothing that can be done at this point, as we were born into a context where everything is too far along to really stop or prevent. Society is run by child sex traffickers and drug pushers and demons, and it will be this way for the rest of our lives. The democrats and republicans are equally corrupt, the democrats at least have the decency to do their evil in honesty while the republicans pretend to be pious and God fearing. The best thing for those of us who are not satanic parodies of red heifers to do is to separate from the satanic parodies of red heifers, to build things in line with what is proper, and to devote our energy not to saving the damned, but rather first saving ourselves and then saving those who are on the edge of damnation and desperately looking for somebody or something that is not damned to save them. What this looks like for each individual person is different, as each individual person has different talents and localized contexts in which they exist, but it is the objectively proper course of action. Revelation 18 is a good portion of the bible to read with regards to where humanity is at in the current moment, and where things are headed. I will be outside of the implosion when what has already happened invisibly manifests visibly, and I suggest anybody who is not a satanic parody of a red heifer situate themselves to do the same.


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    1. It's a common type of sacrifice across various religions, just expressed differently and in different forms depending on the people doing them tbh. The context I'm most familiar with is the Judaic one, so that is the one I referenced. The physical representation and names/locations are not really super important, the forms and expressions of the forms really are.

  2. Your article is a fair warning against dullness and unwitting complacency. Being a sacrificial red heifer reminds me of the general replaceability of a typical 4HLer. Viewing work as literal sacrifice, I'll paraphrase Delicious Tacos saying that most, if not all "work" is satanic or evil by nature. Your ideas in this article are very helpful, but it's always a good idea after writing or reading such material to unironically "touch grass."

    I'd like to offer two solutions to the plight of a red heifer moseying down the slaughter chute of modernity:

    1. Mindfulness: if you notice a family member or friend has taken on a "dull bovine" gaze as they graze on seed oiled snacks and cable television, then take a moment to become present yourself. I find the idea of generalizing the experience of looking into someone's eyes to be quite dangerous, especially when it is in an attempt to dehumanize or infer the widespread lack of soul presence. Looking into someone's eyes is actually a very intense experience, and a lot of energy transfer can happen very quickly. Anyways, if their soul flame has gone to a flicker, do what you can to rekindle it with true presence and conversation. If you see problems, address them with compassion.

    2. Take a walk, lift weights.
    - Both of these activities give one the time and space to "get out of your head." Furthermore, they are great measures to ensure that one's body-mind connection is strong, and does not deteriorate, dysmorph, or blubberize into the flubbery figure of a golden calf or red heifer. The main idea that I took away from Bronze Age Mindset is along the lines of Cernovich's summary that ones aesthetic physique is reveals their true politics. If you want to save, build, or repair, society then start with your pectorals and biceps.

    Peace & Love


    1. Thank you for the comment, very thoughtful and I agree with most if not all of it! As you mentioned BAP, that is why I really do like him even though I have a different perspective and thus different strategy than him. BAM is a good, much needed jolt for a lot of people and even if I personally have a different perspective, anything that gets people being taking back their "sense of self" is a great first step towards very healthy, very positive things.

      As far as work goes, I also agree that it's not inherently bad. Work has essentially been abused and mischaracterized to mean slavery, real work that is for your objective benefit is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying things any man can do, whether that work is creative, business related, or even work in the context of building a real relationship. If work leaves you feeling sick or gross, it's not work it's slavery. Bad work is bad and has bad fruits and is appropriately hated and loathed, good work is good and satisfying and a great expression of masculinity and wisdom in its proper context. Thank you for the comment!

    2. I appreciate your reply and agree with your elaborations about work. By the way, I've got a copy of your novel, John, and I look forward to reading and writing an analysis/review about it this summer. Let me know if you want any specific lens of feedback or analysis in particular about it. You're a prolific writer of this generation, and I look forward to reading more of your work. May you have continued health and peace of mind.

    3. Thank you, you are very flattering! I don't really need any feedback but would enjoy reading analysis or just your thoughts on it, I am always interested in how people see what I'm writing or if they enjoyed what I wrote or hated it. I'm very stubborn and a bad learner though so don't put too much effort into helping me out lol