Monday, May 10, 2021

Psychic Geography

(essay from pages 37-40)

  In the past, intelligent people flocked to cities. This was because that was where most of the resources and business opportunities were. The only way to get to have a good career or advance in life was by being in a city. These smart individuals would then make the city even stronger and provide jobs for people who were more typical wageslaves, such as low level blue and white collar workers who also moved into the cities. This sort of gravitational pull of IQ and worth was seen especially strong on coasts with shipping ports like New York City, since the high volume of sailors and goods being moved back and forth ensured a solid and consistent consumer base that could be monetized at a level that provided lots of business opportunities.

Up until recently, physical geography was by and far the main factor for how capital would flow and pool up. That is not the case now. We live in an era of drop-shipping and Amazon. With the proliferation of the internet, smart people (and even dumb people) can now make a near unlimited money from almost anywhere in the world. There is no requirement to live in a city in order to be a benefit of high-volume foot traffic. What this means is that there is no good reason to be living in most cities and that cities are slowly getting even worse living conditions than they used to have, because most of the people moving to cities are idiots who fell for hype.

The new geography that matters as far as commerce goes is psychic in nature rather than physical. Physical attributes like personal appearance, verbal and emotional IQ, and business sense which is linked to general intelligence all matter in the sense that they will effect an individual’s ability to succeed in digital goods and marketing enterprises, but as of very recently, it became more logical for rich and successful people to live in small but functional towns with clean air and less foot traffic. Now, people running multi-million dollar enterprises can do so from a place with a population of only a few thousand individuals, which they can then treat extremely well because their buying power is comparative to a highly successful big city company without its rent and other business expenses.

Physical cities are just going to get worse and worse as more and more people realize how the new game works. Eventually it will be mainly low IQ immigrants and women who are chasing the fumes of a dream who live in cities. It’s already this case for a lot of cities. Combine this with the eventual welfare and other forms of assistance that will slowly start to pop up which enable the lesser abled like the homeless and drug addicts (usually the same thing on a long enough time frame) to stay in these quickly degrading cities and you see a sort of pattern emerging, and that pattern is screaming for you to find some small town to set down roots in while focusing on internet based businesses and abandoning the physical grind that is occupied by failures and mediocrities who will waste all their life living in physical smog and filth.

What does it take to be successful in the new psychic geography? Well, look at how physical geography used to function then apply that model to the digital one. Look for high traffic areas such as social medias and set up shop there, building an audience and reputation for something of quality. Then, overcharge. The price for whatever you are selling will put some people off initially, but over time you will perversely start to be seen as higher quality than people who do the same thing at a lower price. This will form its own sort of gravitational pull, the same one you see with consumer “luxury” brands and over time end up with you making more sales and having a better reputation than you otherwise would have. Then, you should roll some larger percentage of your profits into constant advertising and expansion into whatever psychic geography you are essentially taking over until you have established your own chunk of digital space in some highly trafficked area. You will have become your own psychic city inside psychic cities if you play your cards right and really figure out how to play the new landscape correctly. There are very few building permits or geographical bottlenecks in this new reality, so you can try a multitude of related or unrelated strategies at the same time until you find something that succeeds.

We live in a new era. Only suckers and people who are happy to suck up to bosses and be physically and verbally abused are working in the physical world at this point. They’re not bad people, but they’re people who will be used and taken advantage of until they get burnt out or die. The world will take whatever it can from you, but it will also give you what you work towards in a smart manner, and what is smart now is bringing strategies that worked for businesses in the cities in the past into the psychic world and using them to your advantage. Most of the successful online individuals don’t really understand how they’re succeeding and are winning the game only on the surface level. You can do much better than them with just a small amount of planning and steady execution of that planning. All it takes is time and true understanding of how our new reality is now functioning. 


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