Wednesday, November 17, 2021


            When a community is screwed up, when it is starting to fall apart, wise leaders do their best to stop the community from being screwed up. The longer a community remains screwed up, the more antisocial behaviors like crime and homelessness become normalized. As time goes on, if the situation is not fixed, the functional and successful members of the area will begin to leave and find other, non-screwed up, areas to live and conduct business in. If the “haves” in the community are displeasured with the situation but do not wish to move, they will begin to campaign and organize in order to replace the leaders with new leaders who will enact policies and move around resources in a manner that pulls their community out of its decay and increasing dysfunction.

            What happens when a community is so screwed up that it can no longer be fixed? What happens when anti-social elements are prevalent and established enough that the productive and successful members of society have no real influence or even potential for influence anymore? Look around you anywhere in the Western world. That is what has occurred. Systemic, mechanistic forces have arranged societies and communities in such a manner that there is no proper or healthy way to prevent decline. The only game for those in power is not how to fix communities or make them prosper, but rather how to keep the increasingly unruly, unhealthy, anti-social mob that makes up most of the population pacified and incapable of expressing their discontent.

            Legalization of drugs and prostitution is what has begun for Western countries. This is not an increase of freedom that is being pushed on the population out of love, but rather disdain and castration of the will. Most people are not suited to have access to drugs and sex for money, especially not in the context of a failing economy and an increasingly fraying social fabric, because most people will latch onto these things to self-medicate away their despair and depression rather than doing anything that might get them out of subpar communities and living standards. Still, in a sociopathic sense, legalization of drugs that numb the pain of an unhappy and unsuccessful life makes sense – at least to the ruling class.

            Marijuana is being legalized in America because America is rotting and become a psychological torture chamber for most people, not because of any goodwill by any politician. Instead of getting angry and doing something violent or dangerous for those in power, smoke a blunt or eat edibles and become catatonic in the apartment you can barely afford because your job barely pays enough to make rent. Get high to cope with the lack of opportunity you have, the depression and mental illness you see all around you, and stay high so you sit on your couch in your free time instead of becoming a hassle to those born into wealth and privilege.

            Right now it is marijuana that is being legalized. Soon it will be LSD and magic mushrooms and other sorts of drugs that make you OK with not being OK. These drugs are not inherently evil or bad to use in their proper context, but they are not harmless or passive things that should be normalized and available in the same way caffeine is normalized and available. These drugs need to be used on a non-habitual, conscious basis, and even then they carry risks.

            The future of America is one where people don’t have opportunities for upward mobility, where maintaining whatever circumstances you were born into is the new upward mobility. But hey, if you’re high all the time, if you have easy access to prostitutes, if your mind is constantly being reconfigured by hallucinogens, you won’t have the energy to express discontent. You might not even notice that you can’t afford a standard of living that your parents had, even though you work longer hours and do more than your parents ever did.

            Don’t notice that your food is increasingly artificial and it costs more than when it was natural, don’t notice that your kids are increasingly deformed and mentally ill, don’t notice that you have not advanced in life despite working hard and playing by the rules – get high! Don’t notice that the banks are buying up all the houses, that tech founders are buying up all the land, that pharmaceutical companies are funding all the news that is telling you to take drugs from those pharmaceutical companies – get high!

            What do you get when your country is dying and your leaders are so far removed from the communities they lead that they don’t even care about increasing crime or crumbling infrastructure? You get weed, LSD, magic mushrooms, prostitution, gambling, and every other vice that allows people in misery to self-lobotomize and self-castrate. You get a parasitical managerial class sucking the life out of its host organism and plying the host organism with physical and mental sedatives in order to keep the host organism impotent and weak. That is where we are now and it is only going to get worse and worse.

            Enjoy your new freedoms. Enjoy the ability to get fucked up in the head and “explore different states of consciousness” in a legal manner. Just know that these new freedoms are not in addition to the freedoms of a functioning, healthy society in which you can succeed without fraud or nepotism, but rather in place of those freedoms. The freedom to self-harm and chemically gimp yourself is not being given to you as some innocent and kindhearted gift, it is being given to you so you don’t notice that your life is getting worse, your opportunities are disappearing, and your kids will be growing up in a dysfunctional and unhappy and unsafe environment that will enslave and torture and mock and degrade them to an increasing degree.


  1. I do like to come here often and read what you are writing, but I must confess that I also enjoy waiting until you have written enough for my personal taste.

    To my surprise it is not like that you are writing more, but the quality of your writing is significantly improving. I have no advice to give you regarding that, since you are way above me into the technical side of putting these things into cohesive writing. Not that you would take it anyway.

    I've particularly enjoyed your "motivational", it is really good at getting to the core of the subject and much more competent at inspiring real action than any other sugar-coated bullshit that can be found in what the mass media circulates, I mean more honest.

    In a lesser way I'm guilty of vicariously enjoying your writing for the wrong reasons, ie enjoying myself through your writing instead of my own, which is really a bad practice. But it is not like I would have anything ground-breaking to add, so I wouldn't know the time and effort employed would not be wasted. Just so you know, it is not like the right reasons are going past me, and over-indulging others in their pleasure is indeed decadent. I enjoy the brutally honest way in which you choose to communicate, and the "white-knuckling yourself" in favor of self-control instead of playing the usual persona we all enjoy playing, that you've mentioned in the comment section of one of your older posts, got me identifying with it in a real positive light. I'll come back eventually, you don't stop writing.