Thursday, December 13, 2018

What is needed to be content.

People, myself included, seem to need a few things in order to be content:

Goals: Without something to work toward, there is a sense of pointlessness or futility to action, and that leads to looking outward to tear down others in order to distract from the inward disappointment and distress.

Progression: When one looks at their past self and sees a superior or exactly similar being with no improvements being made, the stagnation or rot they are met with indicates they are becoming worse or have reached the end of their journey in personal improvement, and since human beings like to extrapolate, contentment or discontentment are a partial result of what they see when they take conscious appraisal or --more likely-- unconscious notice of whatever change is observable.

Positive Outlets: Whether sports, video games, books, art, music, or friendly social outings, a person requires some form of burning off their excess energy that does not inherently degrade their self such as substance abuse, sexual extravagance, social meddling, gambling, or any other countless vices.


  1. I'm enlightened. All of that stuff is not necessary to be content, is just trivial externalities needed by the mentally weak.

    1. It sounds like you may be neuro-atypical. The vast majority of people are not islands.