Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Psychological Siege

       With the advent of the internet and more specifically social media platforms on the internet, we are in the beginning stages of a sort of psychological siege which cannot be ignored. Since the means of mass information distribution can no longer be controlled, simply snipped and nullified on a case by case basis once a “non-approved” source gains too much influence, the cat is now out of the bag in terms of narratives and storylines people have easy access to. This can be seen with the ongoing coronavirus saga, where although people get banned and censored from speaking about effective treatment of the illness as well as the efficacy (or more accurately the lack thereof) of gene therapy rebranded “vaccination”, these points of view and opinions can still spread and remain in the public consciousness. Killing the messenger is going on, perhaps more now than ever, but now everybody has the capacity to be a messenger and no longer rely on institutional support such as magazines, newspapers, television networks, or governmental bodies. This is quite a positive development, as all institutions have revealed themselves to be captured by international capital and not serving a function that is beneficial for the average person with an average person’s job, which is a real job and not reading off marketing material for Pfizer or Moderna.

            With that said, the fact of the matter is that truth, or the sharing of truth, does not particularly matter. It would be comforting to believe that those who go against the accepted corporate-approved mistruths of reality, that those who are willing to martyr themselves in the service of being honest at all costs, that they will be idolized and raised up in stature. It would be quite pleasant to be living in a fairy tale where people who willingly put their reputations and ability to stay employed at risk, that these people would have their careers benefited and they would be benefited for their bravery, but this is not the case.

            While we have entered a world where truth can no longer be kept out of the general public’s view, we have not entered a world in which this means the truth matters. No, instead of some theosophist utopia, where “No Religion Higher Than Truth” reigns supreme, we now exist in a world where the powers that be have dropped the act of truth mattering at all. Truth does not matter, truth does not dictate policy or rules or standards, truth is secondary to power.

            The ruling class is coming to a realization I arrived at many years ago, that it does not matter if the truth is available and easy to access – as long as there can be a price attached to recognizing the truth which is at least mildly inconveniencing to those who publicly recognize the truth. Most people regardless of race, gender, or income are not very intelligent, but that lack of intelligence is overshadowed by their cowardice and inability to stand for anything which might cause them a mild inconvenience.

            The average person does not yet realize that the truth does not matter, that logic and consistency are not rules by which human reality is governed, so you have things like Joe Rogan discussing Ivermectin on his podcast over and over. You have people subscribing to podcasts and substacks of ostensibly right or left wing people. These podcasts and substacks provide journalism and analysis and insight which are accurate and honest in the manner that traditional media as well as most world governments have proven themselves dishonest. Some of these podcasts and substacks are financially successful to a degree which is insane, proving two things: Firstly, that the average person genuinely desires the truth, and secondly that the average person is living under the delusion that if the “truth gets out there” and “lies are exposed”, then the increasingly deranged nightmare that we are living in will somehow end. This is, of course, completely incorrect: the truth doesn’t matter.

            What is coming is not some sort of renaissance of truth or enlightenment, but rather a drawn out, multi-decade process in which even the most rose-glasses optimist dullard slowly comes to grips that their favorite writer or podcaster, no matter how accurately they describe the world or expose corruption and lies, is just like them: completely impotent and incapable of turning analysis or observation into real world transformation. The man screaming two plus two equals four is technically correct, but the man screaming two plus two equals four in a world where all the powers that be insist two plus two equals five will never be able to make the media or the government (the same thing) state the truth.

            What is coming is not some sort of revolution or reorganization of society in which the truth tellers are put in charge, but rather a creeping nihilistic despair for the person capable of critical thought – which is increasingly an exception since income and career opportunities are increasingly linked to walking in lockstep with increasingly deranged and farcical untruths. For those capable of taking stock of reality as it is rather than how they would prefer it to be, soon it will be completely impossible to hide the fact that the “plucky underdog” does not win in the real world, even if the “plucky underdog” is completely right and their opponents are transparently dishonest and abusive. For most people, this sort of realization will break them psychologically. To realize that you can’t win if you’re honorable, that the “good guys” aren’t really a thing, that life is a meatgrinder that isn’t rewarding honesty or integrity, to realize all of this is to suck the wind out of the sails of most people, because most people need to believe that their work is for a good purpose, that they are part of the nonexistent “good guys” in history.

            The psychological siege that has begun and will last for generations is the final culling of those with a backbone or spine. No longer will ignorance really exist for those who are well meaning and capable and intelligent, the internet has removed the walled gardens of existence that allowed for people to work inside the system and retain their sense of “being a good person”, a sense that is required for any sort of inspired or optimistic project. Now, if you are somebody with a good job or good standing in the traditional, established world, you must consciously choose to look the other way, consciously choose to lie by omission about the abuses that are happening to people you know are better than you, more talented than you, more qualified than you, because those people have chosen to have a spine and stand up for the truth, and been marginalized for it.

            The societies of every first and second world country are now selecting for people psychologically similar to Judas, people who will sell out their friends and family and allow them to be punished for telling the truth, as long as Judas is allowed to collect a paycheck and participate in society. What sort of world is being created? Not one where honesty is valued, where daring to be excellent or stand up for beliefs is valued, but rather a society of ants.

            This essay is not to suggest some course of action or to pretend there is any way out of what is happening and will continue to happen, but rather to be a sort of snapchat from a non-participant in what is occurring. I am on the wrong side of the psychological siege, so are more of my friends, and so are all the people I respect as equals. I have lost the ability to honestly discuss anything beyond facile topics with most friends and family, I look around me and all I see are people who are not wearing non-effective facemasks, but rather people who are wearing mental gimp-suits and ball gags. I am surrounded by those who have surrendered their individuality for the “benefit” of being accepted by equally powerless people who have surrendered their individuality. There’s nothing to be done at this point, the infrastructure has been built and participation in the vast majority of reality is contingent on being psychologically pegged and turnt out by abusive incestuous pimps. Now approaches a long dark winter of dull-eyed bovines in human form.


  1. Your thinking makes me suspect you've read The Captive Mind and if you haven't you should.

    It's funny that you think peace can't be made with our cultural circumstance. Have you watched Silence by Martin Scorsese or looked into Buddhist mindfulness? The tide of the masses doesn't matter. Inner liberation is enough.

    1. Inner liberation is enough a la Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.