Friday, January 29, 2021

Ricky Vaughn

     Somebody I have known and interacted with and considered a close acquaintance if not a friend in the past, Ricky Vaughn, just got arrested and indicted by the federal government. Ricky is not his real name, it is a nom de plume for his online identity which he used to participate in the 2016 election cycle in order to communicate publicly and push his ideas into the mainstream. He was extremely successful in his endeavors, gaining over 50,000 followers on twitter before being suspended. He was so successful that he is now being made an example of, being charged with “election fraud” related offenses which stem from him making and sharing obviously satirical memes which said that you could vote for Hillary by texting a number. The joke of the memes was that voters for Hillary were so stupid and lazy that they would do this instead of actually voting. While I’m sure this might have tricked a few hundred people into not actually voting, it is obviously a joke which is not illegal, being that Ricky Vaughn was a private citizen posting publicly on a twitter account and not actually targeting anybody specifically, nor was he pushing these memes to people who were not following him on twitter.

            This whole incident is mainly amusing to me. While I do wish Ricky the best and hope that he can beat this obvious abuse of power, my main reaction is simply amusement. I know that while I most likely did not participate in this specific meme (although I might have – my memory is very unclear as it was about half a decade ago at this point), if Ricky can be arrested by the federal government for this then I can easily be arrested by the federal government for equally harmless jokes I’ve made over the years. We have gotten to a point where the government is no longer even pretending to be operating in good faith, although we might have been at that point for many decades now and I just haven’t noticed it to any real degree because most of the people in my circles have not been the target of this sort of behavior.

            This incident is a large confirmation of suspicions I have had with regards to how things are trending, and I have written about these suspicions quite often. Justice and due process are a joke, and participation in the political process is a very unwise idea for those who do not have institutional support or connections which will protect them from being targeted dishonorably. This incident is an example of why I have unwound my involvement in politics as a whole since 2017, because politics is not only a dirty and dishonorable game, but also a rigged game that only has “sides” as a sort of window dressing with which to keep the proles and upper middle-class and lower feeling like they have any representation. In reality, unless you are one of the elite and born into that class (and nobody reading me is in that no matter if their parents make hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars a year), you are seen and treated as nothing more than a farm animal which is allowed to make noise and think it is participating in a system as long as it doesn’t actually get in the way of the system.

            Another amusing aspect to Ricky Vaughn being arrested and charged in such a ridiculous manner, five years after his apparent “crimes”, is that it speaks to the irrational stupidity of the ruling class. It would cost them nothing to forget about Ricky, to ignore him and everybody else around him, but Ricky made such fools of them and hurt their feelings (which actually elite people do not have with regards to commoners), that they felt the need to “get back at him” like he is their equal. In reality, Ricky is of a higher caste than these people in every manner, he just lacks the institutional power they were born into.

When a stray dog barks at a well-adjusted individual, the well-adjusted individual ignores it and moves on with his day. Only a mentally deficient loser would take personal offense at this and dwell on it for five years, planning to get revenge on the stray dog. This is what our ruling class essentially is, a degraded class of mentally ill and insecure people who have the infrastructure to prop them up, but lack the self-knowledge or wisdom with regards to how to use their infrastructure or conduct themselves properly.

The most interesting takeaway from this whole situation is that it makes the implicit disdain that the “elite” have for normal people very explicit. I have been checked out of feeling part of America for a few years now, not really having any desire to try to save it or participate in it in any manner outside of expressing myself and trying to build up systems which support me and give me autonomy, but now it should be clear to most people who were even vaguely familiar with Ricky, over 50,000 people, just how ridiculous and pathetic the whole system is. This is not a country worth saving or crying much less dying over. The people with power are not people who can be reasoned with or should be respected. The law is not something that is equally or fairly applied. This is corrupt, vindictive, petty regime supported by millions of morons and slaves who are no better than cattle.

It is supremely funny to me that I might end up arrested or on the national news in the near future because I interacted with Ricky Vaughn on twitter and talked to him in dm groups as a young adult interested in politics and making jokes and expressing my opinion. I won’t end up in prison for violent crimes or anything that is deserving of prison, but for some retarded things that retarded people have a problem with. Personally, this does not really frighten me or make me upset, but I imagine that other people who are in a similar position to me are now dealing with anxiety and fear or anger about possibly facing unjust punishment for simply expressing themselves. Luckily I am very neurotic and ever since publishing my first three books I feel like I am fine with dying soon or being in prison for the rest of my life if that is what ends up happening, but most people have a lot more to lose than me and are much more attached to their freedom and status than I am.

            What future or sense of loyalty to this country should anybody paying attention to what’s going have? None. Our tax dollars go to China, Israel, and geriatric morons in office, our possibility for advancement or a stable job have been completely destroyed unless you are willing to be a brown-nosing freak or some sociopath or completely dead inside slave, and the media and financial institutions seem completely set on degrading and abusing anybody they can, which is most people. There are no incentives for me to be “civically active” or to care about “our sacred democracy” at all. What has the government done for me? What have my politicians done for me? What have my fellow citizens done for me? What have the banks or media done for me? Absolutely nothing except for try to take the benefits of what work I do and enslave me.

            Ricky Vaughn’s indictment is a sign of the times, the canary in the coal mine. With that in mind, it’s important not to get depressed or scared. These people with power are not powerful people, they are little bugs who lucked into wielding power that people far more impressive spent generations building up. The government is not filled with dangerous or intimidating figures, it is filled with whores and prostitutes who aren’t even attractive and are in their sixties or eighties. The people with power now would be in a nursing home if not for their fluke of birth. The people running the media are vindictive inbreds. The people in finance are hollow sociopaths with superiority complexes. All of these things will inevitably come tumbling down with time, and although they can lash out and dishonorably attack people like Ricky, these are the death throes.

These are the dying whines of an empire in decline. It is good that these people are behaving in such an improper manner, because eventually they won’t have the power and they also won’t have any excuses or pleas for mercy to hide behind. They have shown themselves to be what they are, and what they are is nothing that deserves mercy or pity. What they are will be dealt with in a few generations in a manner which is pitiless and concrete.

If anything, this Ricky Vaughn situation has inspired me to be more direct and disrespectful to those who deserve it than I would be otherwise. If I am to end up in prison no matter what I say or do, I will not abstain from spitting in the faces of those who have “power” over me but do not have my respect or fear. These people can imprison me, they can even kill me, but not even for a second will I consider them my equals. They are little runts who fear purebreds. They haven’t improved themselves over time, they have rotted and fermented into some form of disgusting subhuman. What power do they have over me or anybody with a soul? The only power they have is to punish those who refuse to pretend they are worth taking seriously. The government is a joke, the people inside it are a joke, the institutions are a joke, this whole game they’re playing is a joke, and they won’t realize it until it’s too late.

This is all very funny to me. I can be free, I can be in prison, or I can be dead, and it will all be very funny to me. The funny little men in suits arrested somebody I know who didn’t do anything wrong because he made them upset. I doubt the case will hold up in court since the charges are so obviously retarded, but I also wouldn’t be too surprised if the charges do hold up. The court system is just as retarded as the politicians and institutions in this country. Judges are losers and whores just like politicians are losers and whores, or else they wouldn’t be allowed to be judges. At this point, it’s safe to assume anybody who works for the government is either a cheap whore or a soulless cog content to waste their life and enable injustice in exchange for a stable paycheck. At the end of the day, whores get fucked and soulless cogs get ground down, replaced and forgotten. I’m not a whore or a soulless cog, and I will never look up to either of those things. They’re things, not people. They’re objects to be used, not to be feared, respected, listened to, or thought of in any sacred manner.

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