Saturday, December 26, 2020

Congress and Tech Companies


            Right now, the American congress has semi regular conference calls with heads of tech companies. These calls relate to censorship and “unfair” applications of rules that these tech companies are involved in. The funny thing about this is that congress is fairly powerless against the tech companies although they have a higher “legal standing” than the tech companies.

            The people who have built tech companies are smart, hard-working, and competent people. Of course, their goals and methods of operation are not completely moral or for the general public’s good, but that does not mean that these people are losers. They are just not aligned with the common man or even the country in which they operate. The people in congress are whores, they are old politicians who got elected by lying and sucking off people who held the keys to the halls of power they wanted access to.

            Every congress and tech company call goes the same way, some old congressional whore (male or female doesn’t matter) makes an embarrassing monologue disguised as a question and tries to shame the tech CEO. The tech CEO puts up with the display and gives some non-answer that doesn’t really mean anything while pretending to be respectful. Nothing changes, no policies are adjusted at the tech company, and nobody gets anything out of the exchange except for the politician feeling some semblance of power.

            A new age is dawning. The psychic economy is more powerful than the physical economy, which can be seen in how the stock market has been increasingly dominated by digital companies as physical companies shrink in proportion. The old guard, the useless whores that make up governments and prostitute themselves and destroy their dignity for titles and a pension are now only in charge symbolically. Power is molting, the physical force that nation states have is ineffective in controlling capital, as capital has been abstracted and digitized, not corralled any longer by border guards or physical impediments like geography.

            Because people in the government are generally incompetent, stupid, and lazy prostitutes, people in government do not know what is happening right in front of their eyes: which is that they are being stripped of their power and their titles are becoming insults rather than awards to be proud of. There is reputational lag that exists, but with every year that passes it becomes increasingly clear that those who seek to be managerial or involved in the government are people who should be looked down on and mocked rather than looked up to or respected.

            Tech companies are the new world government with the real power. They are the ones who organize and control the distribution of value and information. The old government, the congress and senate, the governors, the police, the social workers, these are people with power only over those who are stupid and worthless. The old government is allowed to operate not because it is too powerful to stop, but because the new government doesn’t want to stop the old government or take on the old government’s responsibilities. The old government is filled with suckers and morons, worthless fools with worthless titles. The new government gets all the money, power, and access without having to deal with the rabble or the hassle of elections. The old government gets three hour long video calls every few months where they can play the role of hectoring powerless wife asking her husband to stop cheating on her.

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