Saturday, December 26, 2020

Non-Biological Organisms

         There is a theory I have, which cannot really be proved or disproved by science, but is fun so I will elaborate on it. This theory pertains to non-biological organisms, or organisms that I believe probably exist which do not live or die in the sense that we understand life and death.

            Biological organisms take physical resources and derive energy from them in some way. For plants, they take stuff from the soil as well as light from the sun, for humans we drink water and eat food. Both plants and humans and all other biological life-forms have a life-cycle that is temporary. The plant or body breaks down and decays and eventually can’t sustain itself for one reason or another, then decay sets in and eventually death occurs, then the organism breaks down and its resources are redistributed through the environment in one form or another for some other biological organism.

            There are energy fields of some sort, perhaps electricity, perhaps ethereal, where conscious organisms exist. I think these organisms most likely float around and collect energy from other organisms of the same material. I also think they manipulate reality in some manner that we as humans are a part, and perhaps they guide and direct events to generate energy for themselves.

            The interactions these life-forms have with humans are necessarily malicious or benevolent, most likely these life-forms see biological organisms as we see plants. Perhaps they understand us as we understand animals, where most people don’t really empathize with them but don’t go out of their way to harm them or look down on them, where some people do empathize with them and refuse to take advantage of them, and where some of these life-forms are sociopathic or otherwise deranged and get off on causing harm to us.

            Seeing life as a sort of fractal of which humans are a part, I think it makes sense that the same sort of dynamics between us and each other and us and animals, and us and plants, and animals and plants, and plants and resources, etc., exists in ways we can’t really comprehend or be aware of. It seems quite silly to me to think that we lucked into being the top of the food chain, that there is nothing exploiting or directing us much like we exploit and direct animals and plants for our benefit and amusement.

            I think in the future, most likely not in my lifetime, this theory will be proven right, unless the non-biological organisms see it fit for us never to gain access to the awareness of these organisms and thus never gain the ability to exploit them. I do think, being that there is a lot of neurological diversity in humans, there is also neurological diversity in these organisms, and some do reach out or influence things in a beneficial manner in which they inspire people to do great things or take risks in ways that seem irrational but are not really irrational. Perhaps this is where true philosophy or genius stems from.

            A lot of aboriginal and Native Americans as well as ancient religions had an intuitive sense of this. This might be related to how incense or burnt offerings or even human sacrifices were decided on, the idea planted in the heads of humans via these non-biological organisms. Perhaps these were all just various forms of neurosis and imagination on the part of humans, but it seems reasonable to assume they might have served, and still do serve to feed some organism that exists outside of our current conception of what organisms are.

            Writing this is funny, because I know it sounds quite out there and indicative of mental issues, but really it is just a thought exercise of sorts. Or perhaps, it was inspired by one these non-biological organisms lending a helping hand and is completely accurate. Sometimes I get ideas and conceptions that I cannot honestly say seem like something I would think of myself, and they make too much sense for me to ignore them, and this is a concept or theory that fits that description.

            Either way, it is amusing to write these sorts of things, because by demonstrating competency in mundane and normal things such as writing fiction, programming, or running social media accounts, and behaving in a fairly normal manner when it is required, there is a sort of disconnect between these “out there” ideas and being normal. This causes a sort of uncomfortable friction between people who want to see me as simply somebody who is normal and makes jokes, and somebody who is mentally ill and deserving of ridicule or pity. Keeping a sort of amorphous reputation allows me to move in the ways I want to move and do what I want to do, a freedom that very few people alive seem to possess.

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